MAP: How Patriotic is Your Town?

Crunching the numbers to find the Most Patriotic Towns in Connecticut. Where's your town rank?

With America’s birthday coming up on Friday, Patch pulled together data we’ve compiled on patriotic statistics for each town over the last few weeks to rank the most patriotic towns in Connecticut.

Using data culled from the U.S. Census Bureau, Connecticut Secretary of the State and Connecticut Bureau of Veterans Affairs, we’ve created a scale from 0-500 based on five determining factors:

The final point totals ranged from 107 (Bridgeport) to 447 (spoilers: see the Top 14 list for the highest point-getters), with an average score of 297.

Find your town on the red, white and blue interactive map above and a full breakdown of each factor in the methodology below.

Editor’s Note: This is, of course, just for fun. The rankings are not meant to be a judgment or condemnation of any towns or persons.


Voter Turnout
Average voter turnout for November elections (local, state and federal) from 2009-2013, as recorded by the Secretary of the State’s Office.

Registered Voters
Number of registered voters percent capita of population over 18, averaged over 5 years from 2009-2013. Data kept by the Secretary of the State’s Office.

Veterans per Capita
Number of veterans as of 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, divided by the local population over the age of 18.

Veteran Employment Rate
Employment rate for veterans in the labor force (able to work) age 18-64 as a ratio of non-veteran employment for the same group. A ratio of 1 means veterans and non-veterans have the same employment rate; a ratio above 1 means local veterans are employed at a higher rate than non-veterans.

Municipal Taxes Collected
Total local taxes collected by the municipality as a percent of all outstanding taxes and grand lists, as of the end of 2013.


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