Missing Simsbury Beagle Might Be in Suffield

The owner of Jilly, a missing adopted Beagle, said she was seen recently in West Suffield.

An adopted Beagle dog that went missing nearly four months ago may have made her way into West Suffield, the dog's owner reports.

Jilly was adopted from an Ohio dog rescue agency in early September and has been missing since just four days after she came to her new home in Simsbury.

Jilly's new owner, Chris Lilley, a volunteer firefighter with the Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company, received notice of several sightings in Simsbury and Granby during the months of October and November.

Now it seems Jilly has traveled to the west and is roaming around the area of West Suffield. Lilley's mother, Rebecca Strempfer, said the Granby Police Department has received calls about Jilly sightings in that area.

Jilly was most likely abused before she was adopted and seems to be very afraid of people, according to her owners. Those who have seen Jilly said she appears to be very skinny and very dirty.

"The dog is starting to get slower, skinnier, more dissoriented and more hungary and is probably starting to struggle a lot more with the snow," Strempfer said.

If you happen to spot Jilly wandering around, contact Chris Lilley at 860-559-9657 or Simsbury Animal Control at 860-658-3110.

Iris lambert January 21, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Rebecca, like I said before don't lose hope. Obviously she's out there and still making it day to day. Hopefully like you said , she'll just slow down enough for someone to help her. I think you guys should still go to the media, the news stations. I have seen people get their dogs back when they have actually used the local news stations. Like I stated before, someone might be having some kind of contact with her but because they are not online they might not know what is going on. Just a thought. I really do hope you guys find her. I will definitely keep following your story, I'm always looking to see if there have been new sighting of her. Don't lose hope.
Iris lambert January 21, 2013 at 08:17 PM
Karen, it seems that Rebecca will take over ownership. This family has done so much to help find her and bring her home. I'm sure once she is found they will get her the necessary help and training she will need. Lets all hope they find her.
Rebecca Strempfer January 21, 2013 at 11:06 PM
Scott Haney has been in contact with me. he put it on the morning news already. I have sent everything in to Suffield Reminder. We had poster up in simsbury,Granby,southwick convenience stores.restaurants etc. It is exhausting!
Iris lambert January 23, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Rebecca, that's great! Now lets hope you guys get more calls about Jilly. Just remember don't lose hope, she's still out there.
Rebecca Strempfer March 11, 2013 at 04:31 PM
Hi Karen, there have been no sightings since mid-december when the first snow came. We try not to talk about her anymore, it's just too sad. Sometimes I drive down the road hoping she will just pop out at me. Whatever is meant to be...is meant to be! Thanks for all your concerns and comments. It helped to keep the hope!


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