The Journey to Bring Home Journey

Avon police received reports of a sighting near Route 44 and West Avon Road intersection.

Journey, a shy golden retriever mix, was last scene near the intersection of Route 44 and West Avon Road at 4:30 a.m. Monday, Avon-Canton Animal Control Officer Beverly LaPlume said.

"We have a cage set out to capture Journey," LaPlume said. "So far we've had no luck at all. We caught a raccoon eating the peanut butter cookies...."

She confirmed that Avon police dispatch received reports of Journey roaming by McDonald's, the Shell Gas Station and Men's Warehouse in the early hours of the morning.

LaPlume has met with Marybeth Barry, whose family is fostering Journey.

"If you see [Journey], don't approach her, call the owner," LaPlume said.

Journey is extremely shy, especially with strangers.

"We know she's out there," LaPlume said. "It's a matter of how far she's going to go."

Barry's phone number is 860-670-1353 and the contact for the Avon Police Department is 860-409-4200. 

The Barrys live on Lawrence Avenue. Journey came to Barry's home during the power outage in the aftermath of the Oct. 29 snowstorm.


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