Woodbury Residents Capture Footage of Tornado

The funnel cloud footage helped the National Weather Service conclude a tornado touched down in Woodbury on June 9.

WOODBURY -- If the damage from the June 9 storms seemed particularly bad, that's because the severe weather system included a tornado that touched down briefly in Woodbury.

How did meteorologists come to that conclusion? Partially thanks to Woodbury resident Bud Neal's camera and Southbury resident Sandy Ingellis' quick work with it.

Ingellis said she and Neal were coming out of a class together in Woodbury when the storm struck. Ingellis grabbed Neal's camera and started filming; she managed to catch some of the only known footage of the funnel cloud forming and touching down.

The pictures and video helped lead the National Weather Service to that the storm system did indeed feature a tornado classified as "EF1," or the second weakest category.

"We went up to Great Hollow Road and I couldn't believe it," Ingellis said. "I almost cried. It was unbelievable. On the street there was tree after tree."

Woodbury Fire Marshal Janet Morgan has posted pictures of some of that damage here.

The weather service divison located in Upton, N.Y. initially said there was no evidence of a tornado in the area. However, the weather service in Albany said based on damage in the area and witness video, Woodbury was a site of a microburst. The tornado touched down at 4:48 p.m. on June 9, according to the weather service, and featured 100 mph winds.

"We don't usually get storms like this in our part of the country, so this one was quite unexpected," Ingellis wrote on her YouTube channel, where she posted the video footage. "I'm not sure if the funnel cloud that I filmed was actually the one that did the damage to the areas in this video that you will see, but the funnel cloud that I filmed was certain proof that there was a lot of turmoil in that storm."

As it turns out, the funnel cloud she filmed was, indeed, the one responsible for the damage.

Both pictures and video of the tornado are included with this article and great thanks go out to Neal and Ingellis for their quick work and their willingness to share it.

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