Business Buzz: Why the 'Y' in Lyme Grill?

Here's why Avon's Lime Bar & Grill changed its name.

Nearly a year and a half since opening in Riverdale Farms in 2011, Lime Bar & Grill has changed its name to Lyme Grill.

Why the 'y'? A restaurant group called RBTD Inc. that owns the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill chain has a trademark on the word "lime," Marc Rietze, owner of the popular Avon bar and restaurant, previously wrote to Patch in a statement. The chain threatened a lawsuit against the family-run business over the name, television station WFSB reported.

Rietze has also changed the restaurant's logo from a lime to a martini glass shaped like a Y, as seen on the new Lyme Grill website – www.lymegrill.com.

However, its menu consists of the same American fare it had before from savory apps to salads, sandwiches and burgers.

In his statement, Rietze noted the stark difference in cuisine between his restaurant and Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, which specializes primarily in tacos, burritos, fajitas and quesadillas. 

The Mexican restaurant chain is headquartered in Tennessee, according to its website. Rietze wrote to Patch in December that his small, family-run business does not pose "geographic competition" or "any type of financial or branding threat to the restaurant giant." The task of re-branding his relatively new business is challenging and expensive, Rietze said in the statement.

"A small local business once again, is at the mercy of a chain," Rietze wrote in December. "The bottom line is, RBTD has the right to its trademark of the word LIME, regardless of how ridiculous it may seem, especially given the proximity of the two businesses. The American way is to prosper under difficult economic and competitive conditions. The Lime Bar & Grill will do the same, it will move forward and flourish."

Patch has left messages with Rietze to find out more about the situation and we'll provide more information when it becomes available.


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