ESPN's Kenny Mayne Sells Avon Home

The property went for $650,000.

ESPN sports personality 's Avon house has found a buyer for $650,000.

It's been about seventh months since he and his family moved to Kirkland, WA.

Brian D. Shames and Elizabeth A. Deckers bought the 10 Old Kings Rd. home from the Maynes on March 16, according to property records. The sale was recorded in the Town Clerk's Office on March 20. The four-bedroom colonial-style house is tucked away on a hill toward the back of a long, shared driveway on a side street near Route 177.

Mayne and his wife Laura moved to Avon on March 31, 1998, after renting in West Hartford. They bought the house, which was built in 1987, for $445,000, according to Avon property assessment records. The living space there is 4,579 square feet.

“Avon was twice as much house for half as much money,” Mayne previously told Patch. “The area itself is just peaceful and safe, and a good place to raise a family.”

The house is just under a half-hour from Bristol, where ESPN is located. Mayne was one of many ESPN employees living in Avon.

Mayne is known for his work on Sports Center, predominantly covering football and horse racing, but it is his off-beat humor that makes him unique. He is the star of the web series Mayne Street, a humorous spoof on his job at ESPN. Mayne also did one cha-cha before he was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars in 2006, but has been back on the show several times since as a commentator for Dance Center, a segment based on Sports Center.

“I’ve sort of created a job that didn’t exist previously, to my good fortune, I guess,” Mayne previously said. “My bosses trust me and we do a little bit more experimental things than the next guy.”

During a that Kenny Mayne ran in August at Avon High School's field, the Maynes told Patch that they will miss Avon, the only place where their daughters have lived. However, moving to the Seattle area was a homecoming for Kenny and Laura, who both have roots in Washington.

“It makes a lot of sense to get back home,” said Mayne. “We kind of go out West with built-in friends and family already waiting for us. “

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Bobby Sands March 26, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Where is the news in the above article? It's a rehash of content that wasn't newsworthy in the first place - just local gossip. Now for sure it's just follow-up on local gossip. This article reveals the lazy author's approach - pick out facts and don't give any context. Before the regional editor says something like all the information is publicly available... let's get something straight: just because information is publicly available does not make it worthy of posting online when you have no other substance to offer. Jessie Sawyer routinely does this with the police log - revealing nothing of context, or from interviews, nor does she do any follow-up on the stories. When she does articles like this, Jessie Sawyer purveys useless gossip or at worst adds excessive availability of online availability of private info. As recorded in the Town of Farmington records, the house at 30 Canterbury Lane belongs to Christina S. X and Jeffrey L. X and was built in 1986. It is contemporary style home with 2807 square feet of living space on a 0.8 acre plot with natural gas heating. It was purchased in 1991 for 260,000, substantially less than the previous sale in 1989 for $308,000. A refinance mortgage on the property was made through Farmington Savings Bank and recorded in Town records December 5, 2007. The mortgage is still outstanding. All publicly available information, but where's relevant? Where’s the news? What's the point?


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