Five-Bedroom Cape-Style House Sells for $710,000 on Henley Way in Avon

Property transfer records are public record and accessible in the Avon Town Clerk's Office.

$192,000, 180 Lovely St. Michelle White, executrix of the estate of Dana H. Peto to Adriance I. DeGroff, sold July 25.

$710,000, 23 Henley Way. Aurelio Mura and Monia Paola Pienig to Michael C. Delales II and Abbie Reiner Delales, sold July 25.

$350,000, 41 Scoville Rd. Robert E. and Yangson K. Bornstein to Brookfield Relocation, Inc., sold June 1 and recorded in the Avon Town Clerk's Office on July 27.

$544,900, 8 Churchhill Place. Yi Zhena and Wei We to Alison Blackmore, sold July 26.

$531,000, 1 Camden Way. Jodi R. Hutchison to Sandeep and Monica Chadha, sold July 17 and recorded in the Town Clerk's Office on July 30.

$310,000, 586 Lovely St. Richard C. and Linda S. Foerster to Vasyl Povrozynk and Lyubov Vovroznyk, sold July 25.

$605,452, 5 Northington Dr. Chad L. and Karen K. Cundiff to Nicholas W. and Kelly A. Chuchardt, sold July 27.

$569,900, 8 Camden Way. Jeffrey Kulas and Jun Xiong to Brookfield Relocation, Inc., sold July 15 and recorded in the the Town Clerk's Office on July 30.

$248,000, 66 Burnham Rd. Nina B. Kilgore to Melissa A. Mirabello, sold July 26.

$675,000, 7 Avalon Dr. Kevin D. and Karen J. Buckthorpe to Appookva and Rita W. Saxena, sold July 23.


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