Avon Business Q&A: Nancy Brown Has 'Sixth Scents' About Customers' Needs

Brown's "modern new age shoppe" Sixth Scents opens in Avon.

Sixth Scents has opened in Avon. Credit: Submitted by Sixth Scents
Sixth Scents has opened in Avon. Credit: Submitted by Sixth Scents

The sixth sense is "intuition," according to Nancy Brown, a new retailer in Avon.

Brown just opened her shop, "Sixth Scents" and runs it on the motto, "Awaken all your senses." 

"This unique store offers a wide range of products to purchase that touch on one of the five senses including: organic teas to taste; handmade designer candles and soaps to smell; inspirational and international music to hear; silk and wool scarves, crystals and jewelry to feel and a stunning artistic store design and décor to see," Brown wrote in a press release, adding that to capture the sixth sense, she offers "intuitive, astrological and tarot card readings throughout each month." 

We asked Brown to tell us more about her business and here's what she had to say:

Patch: When did your business open? 

Brown: "I opened the Sixth Scents retail store in September of last year at 51 East Main St., Avon (three doors down from Bruegger's)."

Patch: Is it family-run? 

Brown: "I’m the primary owner of this business.  I also own a small factory and another retail store in Port Huron Michigan in which I sell specialty soaps, body care products and designer candles wholesale and through the internet.  I’ve owned The Sixth Scents Soap and Candle Company, LLC for over five years now under the DBA, Backyard Soaps & More. I decided to open a store in CT to help support my existing business in Michigan (https://backyardsoaps.com).

"I named the Avon store Sixth Scents after my corporate name and to capture all the five senses as well as the sixth sense 'intuition.'"

Patch: What services do you offer at your company?

Brown: "Sixth Scents sells products that touch on all five senses: Organic loose leaf teas for taste; candles and soaps for smell; beautiful scarves and ladies accessories for touch; inspirational and international music for hearing; scented soaps and candles for smell and beautiful crystals and jewelry to see.  For the sixth scents the store offers intuitive readings by astrologists, tarot card readers and psychic / mediums. Other services we will be adding this year are educational programs by various experts in the holistic field.  Lisa Morrison will be conducting a two-hour group session that will focus on developing a sacred space and living harmoniously." 

Patch: Why did you decide to open in Avon and what made you interested in your field?

Brown: "Prior to acquiring Backyard Soaps & More in 2008, I was in the health care field for 15 plus years. I’ve had a private practice as a psychotherapist in New Britain and East Granby. I hold a Masters in Counseling. I’ve been a business owner of a behavioral health company for 10 years. I’ve worked for different companies both for profit and not for profit at various capacities, ie. Industrial sales and marketing, director of case management services, vocational rehab, et cetera. In many ways Sixth Scents has helped me come full circle and give me an opportunity to utilize many of the skills I learned on my career path. The business and helping profession are wrapped together now with the Sixth Scents store in Avon." 

Patch: Do you have a business mantra you live by?

Brown: "My motto for Sixth Scents is: 'Awaken all of your senses' and  'Experience something new.'  

Patch: Finish the sentence. When I'm not working I'm... 

Brown: "When I’m not working I’m enjoying family time with my daughter, Samantha, 17 years old, son, Jack, 16 years old and my husband, Ted. I love to travel and visit with friends and family. I enjoy taking hikes with close friends and just having down time to be appreciative of all the blessings that have come my way. Friendship, family and love are precious gifts." 

Business Information
Address: 51 East Main St., Avon
Phone: 860-674-8600 (call to schedule readings, though walk-ins are also welcome at certain times) 
Hours of operation:  Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p,m.   
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sixthscents


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