Four-Bedroom Avon Colonial Sells for $660,000 on Heathcote

Property transfer records are public record and accessible in the Avon Town Clerk's Office.

$265,000, 35 Chevas Rd. David Odlum to Brynn Mandel, sold July 31.

$334,000, 10 Shirecrest (Unit 8810). Jacobs Family Limited Partnership to Robert S. Rorwin, sold Aug. 1.

$655,000, 12 Turnberry. Jennifer E. Main and Eliot B. Waxman to Suresh and Christie Marie Sunderranjan, sold Aug. 2.

$660,000, 2 Heathcote. Jason Gutcheon and Harriet P. Hoffman to Elaine Kittler, sold Aug. 1.

$435,000, 22 Manitook Mountain Rd. Karen M. Russo to Eric L. Chatman, sold July 31.

$210,000, 20 Canterbury Ln. Trustee Laura Birnie-Clarke to John M. and Marie E. King, sold July 31.

$432,000, 60 High Ridge Hollow. Mark D. and Amy E. Hagedorn to Sminkal Kacha, sold July 27.

$334,000, 117 Haynes Rd. Joseph A. and Gretchen R. Schiltz to Jerodd C. and Laura A. Costley, sold July 30.

$385,000, 50 Reverknolls. David Oleasz, executor of the estate of Frederick M. Hollfelder to Cheryl Ben-David, sold July 27 and filed in the Town Clerk's Office on July 31.

$439,000, 75 Cotswold Way. Robert J. and Karen McCann to Braford J. Adinger and Jordan Amy Huguet, sold July 31.

Correction: This article originally stated that Karen M. Russo sold her 65 Fairway Ridge home. The correct address is 22 Manitook Mountain Rd. The error happened because Fairway Ridge was inked over on the real estate conveyance tax return form, but it looked like Fairway Ridge was inked over another address. The article has been updated to reflect the correction.

Kelly P August 09, 2012 at 11:02 AM
Sigh. The editor has misreported a Seller's residential laddress as if it is the property sold. Check again, will you? Russo sold a different property on Manitook.
Jessie Sawyer August 09, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Thank you, Kelly for pointing this out. I looked into this for you. The address on the real estate conveyance tax return form was inked over and the 65 Fairway Ridge came through stronger, so that's what I listed. However, I just checked the warranty deed and verified that you're right. The address is actually 22 Manitook Mountain Rd. It's not very clear on the form, but next time I will double check in the land records book to make sure this doesn't happen again. The error has been corrected. Thanks! -Jessie Sawyer Editor, Avon Patch


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