Who Were Avon's Top 10 Taypayers in 2012?

This information is public record and was provided by the Avon Town Assessor's Office.

Connecticut Light & Power is the highest taxpayer in Avon, according to a list of the top 10 taxpayers in Avon released by the Avon Town Assessor's Office.

The power company pays taxes for its utility poles, transformers and power lines in Avon, Town Assessor Harry DerAsadourian previously said. Upgrades to CL&P's utility "distribution system" factored into the total increase in taxable personal property for 2012, he said of the 2012 Grand List.

“There was a lot of upgrading due to storm damage" from the 2011 October snow storm, he said.

Top 10 Taxpayers

Taxpayer Type of Company Assessed Value of Taxable Property in Avon 1. Connecticut Light & Power
Utility  $14,008,310 2. Avonplace Associates, LLC Condominiums  $13,901,020 3. Sixty Four Avonwood Road Associates Apartments  $13,647,330 4. Two Fifty Five West Main, LLC Shopping Center  $12,652,020 5. Avon Marketplace Investors Shopping Center  $10,813,240 6. Ensign-Bickford Realty Corp. Office Park  $10,623,140 7. Nod Brook, LLC Shopping Center  $10,277,220 8. Riverdale Farms, LLC Mixed Use  $9,973,030 9. Avon Water Co. Utility  $9,805,800 10. Connecticut On Line Computer Computer Services  $8,745,680


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