Zoning Commission Approves Pet Funeral Services Facility

Owners say cremation services through veterinarians are likely to be the bulk of business.

The Canton Zoning Commission has approved plans for a pet funeral home on Route 44.

Beloved Companions Funeral Services & Crematory, LLC plans to open at the 241 Albany Turnpike (Route 44) at the current Citrus Salon location.

Valley residents Robert L. Sagarino and Dave Olson describe the facility as Connecticut’s first full-service facility of its kind in the state. It will offer on-site cremation, grief support and small services.

“It’s a new way of sending off pets in a dignified way,” Sagarino told the commission Wednesday night. “It’s a strong, growing trend in the United States.”

Despite the inclusion of a chapel and viewing areas on its plan, the partners said they anticipate most of their business will involve dealing directly with funeral homes for cremations, which are often done at far-away facilities.

The cremation is a very quiet process with virtually no emissions, according to the businessmen. The cremation unit would be in the current garage area of the building and louvers in the rear of the building would be used for airflow. 

The business will offer quicker turn-around times and give families the peace of mind that their pet will be taken care of in a dignified manner, according to its owners.

The business will also offer services but they will be small, family-only affairs, Sagarino said. People who wish to can also be present for cremations. No embalming will be done at the business, Sagarino said. 

The business will offer services to those who want it, Olson told Patch, but in addressing the commission, he said the they would be very small and involve only immediate family – and not generate large amounts of traffic. Helping people with burial arrangements will also only account for a small part of the business, he said. 

Just two people spoke at the meeting.

Patsy Keene, a local Realtor and New Hartford resident, spoke on behalf of the applicants and the service. She said the owners are responsible businessmen. And she said she has gone to a pet crematorium in the western part of New York and will be glad to have such a service so nearby.

“I believe there’s a very strong need for this kind of service,” she said.

Gayle Black of Plainville said she drove down to the shoreline area to have two cats cremated.

“My pets are very precious to me,” she said.

Black also reiterated Sagarino’s statements that the process is quiet and does not emit odor.

The commission did set some conditions on the business, such as the requirement of an updated site plan since some of the original plans for the property were not followed. Commissioners also required that the owners fully pave the driveway at the business and limited its public hours to Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and operation of the pet cremation system to Monday though Saturday from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. 

Find out more about the business at its Web site or facebook page

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