Avon Medical Office Building on Dale Road Sells for $3.19 Million

Property transfer records are public record and accessible in the Avon Town Clerk's Office.

$435,000, 62 Stony Corners Rd. Stephen M. and Marcie R. Ashford to Brian and Elizabeth Purcell, sold Aug. 24 and recorded in the Town Clerk’s office on Aug. 27.

$270,000, 45 Brentwood Dr. Richard J. Johnson, executor of the estate of Norman L. Johnson, to Augustus and Lucille Pallotta, sold Aug. 24 and recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office on Aug. 28.

$209,000, 39 School St. Rebecca M. Kennedy to Alexis Augsberger and Kaeleen B. Poblete, sold Aug. 23 and recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office on Aug. 28.

$250,000, 90 Burnham Road. Dana E. Warren, trustee, to Alison B. Warren, sold Aug. 28.

$335,000, 10 Bridle Path. Susan Jansen to Charles E. Anderson, Aug. 29.

$674,000, 69 Northgate. Beth R. Zweibel to Brian and Kimberly Sartain, sold Aug. 30.

$300,000, 6 Wellesley Court. Sunlight Construction to Park Developers, LLC, sold Aug. 31.

$720,000, 55 Nottingham Ridge. Andrew Papanek, successor trustee, to Glenn E. and Teresa R. Westrick, sold Aug. 31.

$273,000, 69 Woodhaven Drive. Elizabeth Vennell, trustee of the Louise E. Roberts Trust, to Marc Robaczynski, sold Aug. 31.

$684,900, 15 Billingsgate. Ronald D. and Pamela E. Hurt  to Alejandro A. Gomez, sold Aug. 30.

$389,000, 139 Hollister Drive. David M. and Joaquina S. Simoes, sold Aug. 31.

$181,000, 3 Hampton Place. Erwin Schloesser to Barbara Raymond, sold Aug. 31.

$155,000, 39 Mountain View Ave. Anna butteri to Paula J. and Kristen S. Harris, sold Aug. 30.

$565,000, 32 Saxon Woods. Michael P. and Leya L.  Edison to Steven D. Gerber, sold Aug. 31.

$260,900, 80 Sylvan St. Eric L. Dalka to David Kuharski and Brianna Meyers, sold Aug. 31.

$3,190,000, 44 Dale Road. 44 Dale Road Associates, LLC to 44 Dale Road LLC, sold Sept. 4.

$175,000, 28 Byron Dr. Louis and Edith G. Acker to Debra and William Neealon, sold Aug. 31.

$165,000, 67 Somerset Dr. Russell J. Hansen to G&R Construction, property management, LLC, sold Aug. 31.


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