Avon Photo of the Day: Where is the Avon Library?

Where are the tallest snow banks in town? Share your photos or tell us in the comments!

Avon households had power through the February blizzard and there was minimal storm damage.

But the storm did not leave without a trace. Snow levels reached at least 25 inches in Avon, according to the National Weather Service. If that's not enough evidence for you of the historic snowfall, just look at the monumental snow banks across town.

The tall snow banks are blocking visibility at intersections and in many parking lots. The photo of a snow bank in the parking lot masking the Avon Free Public Library featured above is just one of many snow piles in town.

Department of Public Works employees are working to push back the snow banks to improve the sight lines. Town officials urge drivers to edge out slowly from driveways and at intersections and to be alert.

Where are the tallest snow banks in town? Upload a photo or tell us in the comments!


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