How Beverly LaPlume Makes Her Olde Tyme Country Candles

Many Avon and Canton residents know Beverly LaPlume is the animal control officer for the two towns, but long before she took that job about seven years ago she was making candles.

She opened Old Tyme Country Candles in 1996. LaPlume hand pours every candle in her Mohawk Drive home in Unionville, making everything from votives and tarts to larger candles in mason jars.

Olde Tyme Country candles currently has about 80 scents and also is open to new scents requested by customers.

“It took four years prior to [1996] to develop the formula, working with different wax companies and scent companies,” LaPlume said.

Before that LaPlume said she used to “run candles” for a major candle company.

“When the company had sold, I noticed a big difference in the candles,” LaPlume said. “ A lot of my ceilings were turning black and the scent throw, which is the scent thrown out into the room, was not as strong as it was originally. So, I started working with wax companies and scent companies for four years and tried to put as much scent into the candle and create a cleaner burning candle that I enjoyed.”

She began giving them as gifts and when many people were asking for more, she decided to start her own business. LaPlume sells her candles across the country, reaching as far as Hawaii. While she doesn’t have a website, she said that word about her candles often spreads through gift-giving.

Petals and Paws and The Blue House: Nice Old Things, both based in Canton on Route 44, carry her candles. LaPlume makes a scent for the latter called “The Blue House Special.” Miller Foods in Avon typically sells Olde Tyme Country Candles seasonal candles like “Autumn Harvest,” “Pumpkin Pie” and “Christmas Tree” at their Thanksgiving tent in November. Christmas Tree is one of the most popular scents this time of year.

LaPlume can also pour candles into a mug the customer has picked out at special request.

For more information or to request a brochure, contact LaPlume at otcandles@sbcglobal.net or by phone at 860-673-5086.

Monique Avery December 17, 2012 at 12:28 PM
I used to buy Yankee Candles until I found these candles. They are SO much better! The scent is longer lasting and the candles burn longer and cleaner. I have given these many times as gifts and my friends have enjoyed them as much as I do. You can't go wrong with these candles if you're a candle lover like I am!
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