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Board of Finance

  • "Did we get the reimbursement yet for, what's her name? Irene?," Board of Finance member Margaret Bratton said at the board's Dec. 19 meeting.
  • "If we were going to have a year where all the trees fell down, this was just as good as any to have that happen," Thomas Harrison, Board of Finance chairman, said at the Dec. 19 meeting, commenting on Avon's strong financial standing.

Board of Education

  • "I like your sweater," Board of Education Chairwoman Peggy Roell said to board member Kenneth Notestine during a pause in a question he was asking at the Dec. 20 meeting.
    "Yes, it's very Christmassy, isn't it?" Notestine responded.

The background for this exchange was a wager they had going when their college alma maters played each other for the first time in the Big Ten football championships Dec. 3. If Roell's University of Wisconsin team won, she would wear green, Notestine's Michigan State University color, to the next Board of Education meeting. If Michigan State lost, Notestine would wear Wisconsin's red team color. After his team's 42-39 loss against Wisconsin, he wore a red sweater to the meeting.

Back in October, however, Michigan State scored on a counterplay to Wisconsin's "hail Mary" pass to score the winning touchdown, so Roell wore green to the next meeting.


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