Avon Photos of the Day: Upload Your Winter Storm Pictures Here!

Have a photo you took? A picture is worth 1,000 words. Help us tell Avon's snow storm story in photos. Once you've perused our gallery, add your own.

Safety is a priority as a possible blizzard approaches.

But who can resist taking pictures of snow through the window, indoor winter festivities as you brave the storm, wildlife that makes an appearance, or your family shoveling once the snow stops falling?

Or maybe you've snapped a shot of the pile of non-perishable food you bought at the store or taken a photo of your husband or wife pre-salting your driveway.

We'll be taking some photos of our own around Avon (when it's safe to drive, of course) and we want to see yours too!

To submit your photos, click the "Add Photos & Videos" button above this gallery.


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