Missing Beagle Last Seen in Granby

Have you seen Jilly? Jilly is a missing Beagle last seen along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail in Farmington, or maybe Granby.

The Beagle seen roaming in the Farmington area is most likely not Jilly, the missing Simsbury dog.

According to Patch reader Kathy in the comments section, this dog is likely from that area and is known for running away from its home.

The more recent Granby sighting by reader Beth T. in Granby is reported to be the more likely scenario according to Rebecca Strempfer, a friend of the missing dog's owner.

"She looked well, not thin or injured, I tried to get her to come closer and then followed her through woods and pricker bushes for a while, but I lost her, unfortunately."

Animal Control and the owner were contacted, according to Beth T.

One aspect of the sightings remains consistent—Jilly appears to be traveling in the vicinity of the Farmington Valley Greenway/Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.

If you happen to spot Jilly, contact Chris Lilley at 860-559-9657, Simsbury Animal Control at 860-658-3110, or your local animal control official.


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