Most Memorable Quotes and Comments of 2011

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For "Quotable" this week, Avon Patch has made our picks for the most memorable quotes and reader comments from 2011.

  • : "The tree went boom. On the, on the jeep," 2-year-old Avon resident Vera Kibler told Patch in June after a storm toppled a tree on the family car.
  • "They could use a stoplight at the corner of...Westmont and 177. It's a little dangerous there police," ESPN comedian and sports commentator said about Avon during an interview at a football clinic he ran in Avon in August. "And nobody in Avon seems to know that a left turn has to yield to a guy going straight. That's my biggest complaint about Avon."
  • "Some people think that bully means just a person who comes and pushes you down or does something like that. And sometimes...What's that?" children's music entertainer said at a visit to Roaring Brook School in late September, pausing to a take a comment from an audience member.

    "Might give you a wedgie!" a Roaring Brook student shouted.

    "Might give you a wedgie," Tanner repeated as the audience broke out in laughter. "That's true."
  • "Congrats seniors. Throw your one's up," Class President Ross McDonald said at the in June.
  • wrote a poem, influenced by his favorite doctor, Dr. Seuss, about his baby brother, Max.

    “They say that the great things come in small packages, but I’d assumed it was for diamonds and Louis Vuitton baggages….” Wendler said. “…. In the spirit of youth as we said our goodbyes, it’s important to see life in another person’s eyes. Max wakes up each morning, learning all anew. In this next chapter, so shall we too….

    “I pray that you all remain enthusiastic, that your minds stay open and your schedules elastic, that you trim all the fat and avoid the bombastic, and I hope that your next several years are fantastic,“ he added.
  • “Amidst the celebration, it’s important we recognize we’re short someone up here,” Avon High School Class of 2011 speaker Thomas Sherber said during his graduation speech in June. “This past August we lost both a fellow student and an amazing friend. I believe we should take this time and remember Mellissa Andrew. I hope we all see her as an inspiration and keep her in our hearts for the rest of our lives.”
  • “You’re going to bring 500 kids and expose them to that area every single day and you don’t see that that isn’t a greatest representation of Avon?" Avon resident Wade Horsey said during the final public hearing for the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) Reggio Magnet School of the Arts applicaiton before it was in late November. "I’m not a parent, but if I was, my question would be would I send that student to school on that bus? If you think that is a safe area to put your kids on the bus, I would vote yes.”
  • "What if I want a wall?" Avon resident Joseph F. Delbone, a neighbor to the CREC property who withdrew his against the education council and the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding the application, asked about the buffer zone between the two properties.
  • "I'm going as Hermoine because obviously she's my favorite," Avon high school student Billy Van Dusen said before the release of , the final film in the popular saga.
  • “There was no cruelty done to the dog,” Avon resident and Farmington High School volleyball coach following reports that he was outside in the snow for an extended period of time. “Everybody puts their dogs out to go to the bathroom.”

Memorable Reader Comments

  • "On April 1, 1989 WCCC told the world that there was a volcano erupting on Avon Mountain," Avon Fire Chief Michael Trick wrote in the comment section of a . "It caused a traffic jam of people trying to get a look. I heard it was a site to see. After a short time they demanded the station tell everyone that it was a hoax. Just shows that people will believe anything."
  • "chief, what an honor! Married, son, good job, now call 303-650-1111 to speak to an old army buddy from hanau!" , wrote to Trick in the comment section of an article about him on May 17.


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