Education in Avon Middle School

Our son attended AMS for 7th grade this year. He started this year with a warning to the school that he doesn't like doing school work, will do whatever he can to not do it, and will need consequences when he doesn't do what's required of him. We are very disappointed with the "education" he received there. Though the teachers and staff were friendly, the grading system wasn't much short of bogus for his Pre-Algebra class.
All math homework assignments are given a 100% whether the work is accurate or not. Each question could be wrong, it's still given a 100. If handed in late it's an automatic 80%, accurate or not. Our son took a quiz/test and failed it. About 5 weeks later the grade was adjusted by 30 points. Each quarter he had approximately 30 recorded grades for that particular subject, with about 26 of them being 100's or 80's, he'll pass with a 77 average even though his quiz/test scores bordered failure (other than the adjusted quiz), or were in fact failures. We "fought" this grading system but unfortunately, our request to have his work actually graded was declined. It doesn't take long for so many false 100's to overcome a few fail test grades.
When our son began in that school he was dropped from each class he started failing and put into flex periods or "support" classes for subjects other than those he was actually failing. He was simply dropped from the failing classes with no record of him even being in there (Spanish and Technology). 
Lo-and-behold, through bogus grades and being dropped from classes he wasn't doing well in, he passes grade 7 with fairly amazing grades... and his teacher(s) will earn a pat on the back for doing such a "wonderful job". 


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