Introducing Our New 'Quotable' Sunday Column

Have you overheard any funny or interesting quotes? Send them in and we'll fact check them to consider for the next week. The quotes must be attributed to the full name of the person that said them.

Have you ever heard someone say, "That movie is so quotable"? Or, do you find yourself quoting historical figures or celebrities?

At Avon Patch we want to find these quotes at the local level, from your neighbors, whether it be town officials, teachers, business owners, parents, kids or residents in general.

It's important to have a sense of humor, so Avon Patch is starting a new Sunday column called "Quotable."

Each week, I will highlight at least one quote out that was particularly memorable that week, most likely one that did not appear in an article. We'll look for the funnies, but will also wind in intriguing and timely quotes that stand out.

It's a reporter's notebook of sorts. Not every quote fits in an article even if it is a good sound byte. So "Quotable" will make a place for those comments.

Maybe it's one of those off-beat jokes cracked at a meeting amid talk of the budget. Or maybe it's a quote from a presentation we're covering. Perhaps I'll hear someone say something interesting and ask, "Can Avon Patch quote you on that?" There could also be a sign with a message that is "quotable." No matter how it came about, all quotes will be accurate, on-the-record or public record and attributed to who said it and where we heard it.

We can't wait to see what great quotes Avon generates. Maybe they'll go down in history someday.

Check back on Christmas Day to read our first "Quotable" column.


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