The Let's Talk Avon Comment Contest Winners Are...

Winners will receive a $100 gift certificate to Miller Foods or a $50 gift card to The Meat House.

Thank you to everyone who entered our Let's Talk Avon comment contest!

The winners, chosen by random drawing, are Helaine Bertsch and Marcia Duggan Wells.

Bertsch's poem about Avon won the grand prize, a $100 gift certificate to Miller Foods.

Duggan Wells' comment was the runner up and she has won a $50 gift card to The Meat House.

Patch has contacted the winners to arrange to meet them in the business that donated their prize.

Here's Bertsch's winning entry:

"My life in Avon
I work in Avon at the Helen and Harry Gray
Seeing lots of cancer patients all day.
My girls spend their time at RBS and the middle school.
They see Mrs. Kotler and Mr Rand, who is so cool!
The meat house and Bertucci's are our favorite spots.
And shopping the bargains at ocean state job lots.
Julia she plays on the field hockey team.
Where they shut out Canton this week which was a dream!
Haley is now a Junior girl scout.
She loves Troop 60449 without a doubt!
Where they marched in the Avon Memorial day parade.
And will earn a badge about first aide.
We saw the Zacchio's riding in a convertible car.
As well as the Governor's horse guard galloping so far.
I spend my time collecting Boxtops,
the Roaring Brook PTO can spend it on the kids at the shops.
I go to Healthtrax where I work up a sweat.
And I keep my money at Bank of America and myself out of debt!
I spend a lot of time at the library, but miss reference desk Ann.
Alice is always there now getting me a book when she can.
Mark Nolan did a great job with selling you a brick.
The library looks awesome and the courtyard is so slick!
The Historical society has wonderful Terri in charge.
She'll get enough money to save the Barn, a project so large!
Other places in Avon that are great you should see:
Luke's donuts, Big Y and Russell Speeder are key.
But what makes this town so great are the people who live here.
They are very special and I'm proud to be among them, you hear?"

Duggan Wells' comment was as follows:

"Twelve years ago I returned to Avon after many years in Greenwich & Old Greenwich Ct & Lake Forest, Ill. & Madison & Florham Park, N.J.Lots of corporate transfers when I was married yet I chose to return 'home' to Avon, even though I grew up in West Hartford, because this is where we bought our first home as young newly weds with two babies.

"It was on Sunnybrook Drive & before our first transfer my daughter attended Pine Grove Nursery School which was directly across Country Club Rd from us {the library wasn't located there at that time in 1972.} Sadly my Mom had passed while pregnant with my second & one day while downtown at the old CBT we were at a trust reading & my children's Dad's Parents were sitting for my infant son.My daughter, age 3, decided she wanted to be with her grandparents so,on her own,instead of returning into the school from the playground, she took it upon her 3 year old self to cross, yes cross on foot,Country Club Rd & go down Sunnybrook to our home!! Before her Grandparents even got a chance to call the school, Mrs. Metzendorf [sadly I don't remember the correct spelling of her name] was ringing the front door and promptly returned my strong willed, beautiful toddler daughter back to school. Though the event was unusual & to this day makes me laugh,it shows the heart of almost everyone in this town & the caring & concern given our kids.Mine are grown & said little girl has two young sons in Illinois. I came 'home',so happy I did. I'm at peace! :)"

Marci October 23, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Dear Jessie, can you please tell me where you posted the photos you took at The Meat House Gift Card Contest or send them to me via email if you're not going to post them? Thank you, Marci. 10/22/12
Jessie Sawyer December 04, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Marcia, I hadn't posted it, but thanks for reminding me. I just uploaded it. Thanks for participating in the contest! Jessie Sawyer Editor, Avon Patch
Marci December 04, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Thanks so much Jessie. Marci


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