Why Is Your Father Special?

Tell us in the comments and post a "Happy Father's Day" message.

Dear Dad and Nonno,

The National Weather Service has promised us 78 degrees and sunshine this afternoon, so it looks like our annual cookout is on!

Nonno, you are no longer with us, but our happy memories of you keep you very present. And Dad, thank you for keeping us laughing everyday, even if it is with your occasionally corny jokes.

Both of you are the grill masters, so as non-vegetarian Dads everywhere say, "Let 'em eat burgers," or something like that.

Father's Day is a great excuse to come home, besides laundry, and I'm looking forward to being with family. Just kidding about the laundry. I come home for your great cooking too, Dad. And the corny jokes and TV nights (will it be a rerun of Criminal Minds or Seinfeld tonight? We'll let you put on The Godfather...again...just because it's Father's Day).

Speaking of being at home, thank you for supporting me while I lived at home and looked for jobs (did I really have to graduate in 2009?), eventually joining the Patch family. Your coaching and wisdom has helped me get to where I am today.

Now that Jamie has graduated and Jared is at college, you must have a lot of free time. Best wishes in your next journey, even if it takes you out of retirement. You could always become a sandcastle artist like you are at the Cape nearly every summer (seriously, how does one acquire that skill?).

Nonno, you have taught me about having a sense of humor and I hope to make as many friends as you did wherever you went (this doesn't count Facebook friends). You also remind me everyday of the importance of family and it's because of you that I got to know my Italian relatives so well over the past few years.

Dad, winning first place for my column about your experience in New York on 9/11 was most meaningful to me because it told your story. You were so strong that day and continue to be a rock in our family. The award was really for you. Nonno, I also share all my achievements with you.

Happy Father's Day to both of you.



Is your Dad special to you too? Tell us a story about your dad in the comments in honor of Father's Day! Upload a photo of you and your dad to our gallery.


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