Avon Kids Energized for Trick-or-Treating After October Snowstorm Cancellation

Hurricane Sandy or candy? The town of Avon urges parents to use caution with Halloween plans.

Avon kids might not have to miss trick-or-treating again for a second year this Wednesday.

Town officials are leaving it up to parents' discretion this Halloween as Avon recovers from Hurricane Sandy.

"Tomorrow night is Halloween," town officials said in a message to the community posted on the town website Tuesday. "Please use good judgment when making your plans for the evening."

The annual ritual was banned last Halloween because of downed wires and trees, as well as widespread power outages, in aftermath of the October snowstorm.

Avon resident Daniel Schwartz said he'll welcome trick-or-treaters in his neighborhood.

"@AvonPatch let’s spread the word that Halloween won’t be cancelled again. Power on in Stony Corners neighborhood," he tweeted to Avon Patch. "Trick or treaters welcome."

Another Avon Patch reader, Lauren Allen-Jones said she's not as enthusiastic because of the power outages that remain.

"Trick or treaters best not knock on my door while I do not have power...I may give them a pork chop...besides I plan on eating all the candy myself!" she wrote on the Avon Patch Facebook page.

Roaring Brook third-grader Devon Nelson said he's looking forward to trick-or-treating.

While Avon kids expressed disappointment over last year's cancellation, many families found alternatives to trick-or-treating.

Roaring Brook School third grader Iris Yu went trick-or-treating in the stores at Westfarms Mall in Farmington and West Hartford last year.

Her classmate, Brooke Bartekiewicz said that she was upset she didn't get to trick-or-treat in 2011, but she was excited to spend time with her grandmother during the power outage. Her grandmother bought candy and scattered it throughout the house.

Third-grader Ryan Tooney said his mom and sister hid candy in their home for him to find.

Roaring Brook student Elijah Block, 5, didn't seem to remember trick-or-treating being canceled in 2011 because his mom arranged trick-or-treating on the family's street. She bought candy and gave a couple pieces to anyone who didn't have candy so that they could give her kids something.

Avon third-grader Eric Wilken was in New York during the October snowstorm and trick-or-treated at a Halloween event in a Long Island school.

"I wasn't here and I missed everybody's costumes," he said, expressing his excitement for Halloween.

Will you be trick-or-treating or welcoming trick-or-treaters?


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