Help the Fire Department: Dig Out Those Hydrants!

Every second counts during an emergency, so keep those hydrants clear for Avon's volunteer firefighters.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
With all the snow that has fallen, the Avon Volunteer Fire Department needs your help.

Hydrants covered in snow can cause delays for firefighters — and every second they can save, could save lives.

So, the volunteer fire department asks residents and business owners to adopt a hydrant and keep it clear and visible. If you believe there is a hydrant close by but cannot locate it, call the Fire Marshal’s office at 860-409-4319 or your local water company.

The volunteer fire department also recommends that homeowners clear snow and ice away from the bottom of your down spouts on your home. As the weather warms and the snow melts, the water needs to flow away from the home so it does not enter your home.

Another reminder from the fire department: clear snow away from all exits of your home in case of an emergency.


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