Shed Collapses at Barn on West Avon Road

A sheds collapsed sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning on the property at 860 West Avon Road.

Heavy snow and ice buildup on roofs has been a common problem in Avon and the rest of the state, and Wednesday the first roof collapse of the season occurred at a barn on West Avon Road. 

The shed alongside the barn at 860 West Avon Road, across the street from Smith Farm, collapsed from the weight of the snow and ice. The debris is still lying on the snow. 

According totown assessment records, Lenore Severn has owned the property since Dec. 24, 1996. 

"It caved in because of the snow and ice," Severni said, indicating that the collapse happened overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. 

Her house is far back on the property from the barn, so she did not hear it fall.

The shed structure was open at the bottom, formerly used as a vegetable stand, according to Severni. She said that she probably will not have it rebuilt. 

The barn, which is mostly used for storage now, was built around 1850, Severni said. She said that the barn roof was last renovated this past fall.

The land was owned the Smith family before that, Animal Control Officer Beverly LaPlume said.

Lucienne Witkowski, who lives at 841 West Avon Rd. and is one of the co-owners of Smith Farm across the street, is a volunteer at the Avon Canine Shelter. She told LaPlume, "When I went to bed [Tuesday], it was standing. When I woke up it had fallen."

No reports about the collapse were made to the police department, fire department or building department as of Thursday evening.

Severni confirmed that no one was injured.


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