Police: Teen Shoots Winding Trails Bus With BB, Hits Girl

Two children were injured Tuesday in the highlands.

Update: After being arrested, Nicholas Chiarillo admitted to police that he intentionally shot at the bus, police said.

Original story: Two children were injured Tuesday when a 19-year-old shot at a Winding Trails camp bus, police said.

According to Farmington Police, Nicholas Chiarillo, 19, of 87 Knollwood Road, shot a BB at “the purple bus” as it drove down Highwood Road. The BB shattered a window and hit an 11-year-old girl in the cheek, police said. A 9-year-old boy was cut on the knee from the broken glass.

The girl told police she saw three boys standing in a yard and one of the boys was holding a rifle. As the bus passed the house where she saw the boys, the bus window shattered and she felt pain in her check, according to a police report.

Police used her description to find the house and arrest Chiarillo, who was charged with third-degree assault, third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree reckless endangerment. He was released on $1,000 non-surety bond and scheduled to appear in court July 24, 2012.

Both children were treated at the scene by medical personnel and released ot their parents. Their injuries were reportedly minor.

Camp Director Keith Garbart sent an email to parents, informing them of the incident.

"The safety of our campers is the highest of our priorities and Winding Trails and DATTCO staff acted quickly and professionally and all policies and procedures were followed," he said.

Kelly P July 23, 2012 at 10:59 AM
AT the end of his post, Chotksy must be referring to some form of spouse abuse where the community intervened? How far is that from the Taliban form of tribal justice outside the law? Or how long might a spouse have to endure abuse in that situation. What is "right" in that context is really open to a lot of variation. Sorry if I am inferring the wrong context from the oblique comment. It does stand to reason, however, that if Chotsky's wishes for a community to quash bad behavior, the community would do well to fully observe his bad behavior in the commnets of other articles (the unneighborly tone and insults frequently contained in his own comments by Chotsky are part of the adversarial culture right in this area). As for mug shots? Keep in mind that Patch (unlike most other media) posts these merely for traffic to this site. They don't remove them, even where a case is not prosecuted. AND THEY DO NOT CONSISTENTLY POST THEM. Further, Patch does not to follow-up in many cases. All that Patch efforts does is create a permanent record, searchable worldwide with, at best, incomplete information that will forever trail, in this case, a teenager who has not be convicted of anything at this time. Let's be clear, just because the information is publicly available from the government does not means that Patch should trade on it for AOL's web traffic gain (Patch is owned by AOL).
Carl Keuleman July 24, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Kim, he may be still a "teen," but the fact remains he is an ADULT! He should grow up and start acting like an adult for crying out loud! Thank God no one was more seriously hurt!
Carl Keuleman July 24, 2012 at 01:03 PM
Jenn, a mistake is something you do accidentally. Nicholas admitted that he intentionally shot at the bus. In my opinion, that is not a mistake, but a criminal, malicious act!
kthybb August 08, 2012 at 01:10 PM
You people are really scary, do you have nothing better to do than comment on Farmington Patch, had lunch with a friend yesterday that told me about this story, Im sure ALL of you have perfect children, I would bet that every one you did something stupid but didnt get caught when you were a teenager, this kid got caught and the media and internet has made it so much more than it is. I have two teenage boys and know full well what its like to raise them, Leave this family alone and let them take care of this bad situation in peace. Dont judge people, take it from someone who knows, this could be you someday, would you like to read these comments about your kids, dont kid yourselves, this could be you!!!
heather fin August 22, 2012 at 01:22 AM
It's amazing how many people judge someone based on a headline story. People keep repeating how he said he intentionally shot at the bus. This is ONE line taken out of context. There could have been an entire story surrounding it that gave a detailed explanation of how it occurred. I'm sure at some point this story will turn into the "Farmington teenager who aimed his BB gun at a minor child traveling on a school bus, admitting he was trying to shoot as many children as possible". Who are we to judge ANY other human being. I truly hope everyone posting these judgmental comments are Athiests who have no duty to honor "though shall not judge". Would it change your mind if you knew he was intentionally shooting at the bus however his intention was to hit the wheel because he thought it would be a good moving target and not cause harm to the bus or anyone on the bus? All of the sudden these additional details make him a 'stupid teenager' versus some evil maniac with homicidal intentions. Just because you don't have a child that did this exact act doesn't mean you live a life of perfection. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone..... I instead, will send light and love to the victim's family for quick healing as well as to the teenager who committed this act. It should be about love and support vs hate and judgement.


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