Avon, Farmington Valley Towns Consider Joint Hazardous Waste Collection Services

The town has pulled out of the Metropolitan District Commission collection program.

Avon is planning on jointly seeking a contractor with Canton, Granby and Simsbury for household hazardous waste collection.

That is something Town Manager Brandon Robertson recommended to the Town Council at its Feb. 7 meeting.

The Metropolitan District Commission has been providing the service for Avon and Farmington Valley towns, but Robertson reported to the council at its Thursday meeting that the cost has more than doubled since 2004 from $6,752 then to  $15,223 in 2012.

"The increase is a function of the volume and fees charged by MDC for administering the program," Robertson said updating the council in its agenda packet.

So the four towns have discussed issuing a collective request for proposal, Robertson said, and it could yield savings rather than sticking with the MDC. 

The MDC asked Avon for a decision by Feb. 1. Avon Town Council Chairman Mark Zacchio wrote in an email to Patch that the council and Robertson decided not to renew that agreement.

Robertson did note in the agenda packet that Avon and Simsbury residents might lose "some of the flexbility that they have had in the past with respect to 'drop off ' locations."

"We will compensate for this with additional advertising notifying residents well in advance of the change," he said.

Jessie Sawyer February 11, 2013 at 07:16 PM
Avon is planning on putting an RFP out with Simsbury, Canton and Granby to find a contractor directly and cost-save by sharing services. That means that they'll accept bids and evaluate those options. As for what they plan to do in the interim, I'll ask about it. Jessie Sawyer Editor, Avon Patch
Mark Zacchio February 11, 2013 at 10:49 PM
Peter/Daryl - While we've been participating in the MDC program for many years, the administrative costs associated to the collection have escalated tremendously. Once we started having discussions locally, the MDC requested a deposit very quickly so they could measure interest this year, and we had to make a decision based on their timeline (letter received Jan 14th. with a request for a deposit by Feb. 1st.). By using a more local regional approach, the towns of Granby, Simsbury, Canton and Avon, after having met and discussed the approach, agreed we could administer the program as effectively on our own, and save money (no middleman) in the process. Other regional approaches have proven effective, in fact we are using the 2012 bid process utilized by CREOC (Capital Region East Operating Committee) that includes the towns of Glastonbury, Hebron, Manchester, Marlborough, Somers, Stafford, and Vernon). Modeling their success we're confident of some savings to each towns operating budget. The Council was unanimous in agreeing with the collective Public Works Directors recommendation.
Jessie Sawyer February 12, 2013 at 05:03 AM
Thanks, Mark! And to add to that, I talked to the Town Manager's Office. On average, they said there are about four hazardous waste collections a year. The next one will be advertised to the public. Once a contractor is chosen following the bidding process, Avon will likely bring hazardous waste to a Simsbury collection site. In the meantime, if you need a place to dispose of your hazardous waste, shoot me an email and I'll ask the town manager for advice on the alternative options. If you figure it out on your own, let me know so I can share the info with other readers. Hope this helps.
Ron Horrell February 13, 2013 at 08:31 PM
So, what happens if the bid responses come back higher than paying the MDC fees? Will Avon be able to rejoin the MDC group?
Jessie Sawyer March 08, 2013 at 01:52 AM
Avon has already opted out of the MDC program because the MDC wanted a decision in early February. Mark, do you know if Avon could rejoin if needed?


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