Avon Party Leaders React to Democratic and Republican National Conventions

Did you watch either one? Who are you behind, Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama? Tell us your thoughts about the conventions in the comments.

On the heels of the Democratic National Convention, Avon Patch asked Democratic Town Committee Chairman Daryl Worobow and Republican Town Committee Chairman Brian Ladouceur Jr. their thoughts on the conventions for their respective parties.


Governor Dannel P. Malloy's Speech

Gov. Dannel P. Mally (D) put his support behind President Barack Obama in his speech at the Democratic National Convention Sept. 6.

"I thought the Governor really did well in focusing on the Republican versus Democratic budget," Worobow wrote in an email to Patch.

Former President Bill Clinton's Speech

Former President Bill Clinton spoke of bipartisanship and his support for Obama in the final speech of the night before officially nominating him as the Democratic presidential candidate.

"President Clinton did an outstanding job on weaving a story to justify the re-election of President Obama," Worobow said. "He also pointed out the need to have compromise, which should not be lost in his remarks..."

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

As for Obama and Vice President Joe Biden's speeches Thursday night, Worobow said, "I thought the President really defined himself from Mitt Romney, who isn't ready to be president.

"Loved Joe Biden's remarks, as he made the case for the president, based on his results and challenges ahead," he added

He also praised First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden "for their support of our veterans!"

Mention of 5th District at DNC

When Malloy announced during the state roll call Wednesday night that Connecticut cast all 88 of its votes for Obama, he also plugged U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy and 5th Congressional District candidate Elizabeth Esty. Murphy faces Republican Linda McMahon and Esty faces Andrew Roraback. The 5th District was the only district he mentioned for the U.S. Congress races.

I thought this race was important to mention because there is no incumbent. We need to win this race if we want to re-take the House majority!" Worobow said. "I also believe Elizabeth Esty's candidacy helps focus on the difference between Republicans and Democrats on women's rights!"


American Exceptionalism

Ladouceur Jr. said the thought that the Republican National Convention last week further solidified his confidence in his party to lead the United States in the face of any challenge.

Republican leaders believe in "American exeptionalism," he said, because they have have seized the blessing of liberty to realize the American Dream for themselves, their family and the next generation."

Mitt Romney

While Worobow questioned Romney's experience, Ladouceur Jr. lauded his and Ann Romney's strengths.

He said they both have the "skill, drive and confidence to restore our economy and prosperity now and for generations to come, but that he and Ann know firsthand the challenges middle America faces because they too lived tough times in the beginning." 

"Mitt Romney succinctly told American's why their vote for him will not be wasted when he said 'President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. MY promise…is to help you and your family,' Ladouceur Jr. added.

He praised Romney's "5 point plan" moving forward as policy reform.

"Mitt also clarified the myth of Bain Capital and why success should be celebrated, not demonized... something for Avon voters to think about next time they shop at some of Bain Capital's holdings like Staples, Gymboree, Dunkin' Donuts, Burger King, Sports Authority, Toys "R" Us, or see a movie at AMC, or check the weather at The Weather Channel, or lay to sleep at night on their Sealy mattress," Ladouceur said.

Paul Ryan

Ladouceur Jr. is equally as confident in Romney's running mate Paul Ryan.

"Paul Ryan was so strong, articulate, and passionate for Mitt and his vision to restore fiscal discipline to our Gov't, to preserve our safety net programs (like Medicare) for generations to come and to get America back to work," Ladouceur Jr. said. "When a VP is a heartbeat away from President then American's should feel infinitely more confident with Paul Ryan as VP than Joe Biden any day."

Marco Rubio

Ladouceur Jr. touted Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's comparison of the Republican and incumbent's visions for the country when he said that the party doesn't think Obama's a bad person but disagrees with his presidential leadership.

He cited this part of Rubio's speech as most poignant:

"The new slogan for the president’s campaign is 'Forward.'  A government that spends $1 trillion more than it takes in.  An $800 billion stimulus that created more debt than jobs. A government intervention into health care paid for with higher taxes and cuts to Medicare. Scores of new rules and regulations.  These ideas don’t move us 'Forward,' they take us 'Backwards.'"

Did you watch either convention? What did you take away?


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