Avon Public Works Asks for $1.8 Million in Capital Improvement

The Town Council heard another round of Capital Improvement Program funds for 2013-14 on Dec. 6.

Avon Public Works is asking the Town Council for $1.8 million in Capital Improvement Program funding for facility improvements and new trucks.

That includes facilities improvements ($1,265,000), new equipment for the highway division ($425,000) and buildings and grounds trucks ($110,000) in fiscal year 2013-14. 

Roads listed for repair under the pavement management program portion of the facilities improvements requested include Haynes Road, Hammersmith, Stagecoach, Copplestone, Avonside, Highwood Drive, Highwood Circle and Kingsbridge, according to the presentation.

“Haynes is one that we really need to fund," Public Works Director Bruce Williams said. "They’ve been through a lot down there.”

That breaks down as follows, according to Public Works' presentation to the council Dec. 6.

Capital Requests

CATEGORY Item Requested Funding Amount Requested Highway Replacement of 1993 Michigan loader $185,000 Replacement of 1989 combination backhoe or loader $130,000 Replacement of 2002 heavy duty pickup truck $50,000 Replacement of 1995 half-ton pickup truck $60,000 Buildings and Grounds Replacement of three-quarter ton pickup 4-by-4 with a plow $50,000 Replacement of 1999 pickup truck $60,000 Facilities Improvements Pavement management program $1,010,000 Improvements to municipal parking lots (Avon Volunteer Fire Department Company 1 station and Countryside Park) $60,000 Shop floor and wall coatings $45,000 Removal and replacement of underground storage tank $100,000 Sidewalk improvement plan $50,000 TOTAL $1,800,000


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