Avon Recreation and Parks Director to Retire

Glenn Marston wraps up 31 years of service to the town of Avon.

Glenn Marston Credit: Jessie Sawyer
Glenn Marston Credit: Jessie Sawyer

When Glenn Marston, a Wallingford resident, first tried to find the Avon Town Hall, he ended up on a scenic route that went through Collinsville and finally found the place that he would end up working for 31 years.

Now Marston is very familiar with Avon’s landscape, particularly its parks. The project to create fields at Fisher Meadows was just starting, something handed to him from his predecessor. The town’s field offerings may grow even further as Avon re-explores an old plan to put an athletic complex on the former M.H. Rhodes property on Thompson Road, now owned by the town. 

Marston gave notice of his retirement plans to the town two years ago after advice from a friend to plan ahead. He is scheduled to retire in August.  This will give him more time to spend with his family and new grandson, do projects around the house and, perchance, fish.

Marston loves to fish – and experience the joy of building up Avon’s annual fishing derby – and enjoys baseball.

In fact, he might have baseball to thank for getting him into the field. He played on UConn’s baseball team and though often on the bench, he said he grew intrigued with the recreation field when he talked with another player who just left the program. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in recreation services.

He worked his way up to the director of Recreation and Parks in North Haven, but left when he witnessed the politics at town hall getting in the way of his work.

Marston is the first to admit his tendency to become excitable and he said that’s something he learned to control when he came to Avon. He is a man who will always tell it like it is while holding true to being honest and ethical. He is also known for being a conversationalist, showing an amazing aptitude for endurance in the spoken word. 

Now that the two years is up, Marston said that he has no regrets about his retirement decision. He believes that it’s time for a new leaf in Avon’s Recreation and Parks Department history and is ready to handover the reigns to new leadership.

He is working on tying up loose ends and organizing his files to ensure an easy transition. Marston said that he is going to let the town handle the process of finding his replacement and that he hopes it is someone that can continue carrying the department in a forward direction.

Marston said that he hopes years into the new leadership, it will have gone seamlessly that people won’t remember him.

But after his career in Avon, he will not likely be forgotten.


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