Registrars: Town Hall Polling Place is Changing

How will this affect where you vote?

The latest state redistricting plans may require some Avon residents to vote at different polling places beginning with the August 2012 primaries.

Due to growth in the second voting district, the Avon Registrar of Voters has gotten permission from the Avon Volunteer Fire Department to use its Company One station, 25 Darling Dr. as a voting location instead of , 60 West Main St.

The registrars presented at the Town Council meeting Thursday night.

"We are really thankful to [the fire department]," Avon Registrar Ann Clark (D) said Thursday afternoon. "We couldn't have done it here. We don't have the room."

The state's redistricting mainly affects Avon's House representation, Clark said. State Rep. Tim LeGeyt, R-17, will have fewer contituents in Avon come 2013 and State Rep. Brian Becker, D-19, will have more. To see the , click on the link provided.

The number of registered voters in District 2 (Town Hall), Becker's region, will increase from 2,245 to about 3,265, based on numbers that Clark calculated on Tuesday.

Before the redistricting plan, there were 6,078 people who voted at (District 1) but that will decrease to about 5,158 when some are transferred to District 2.

The third voting district in Avon will remain the same, as will its poll location. LeGeyt's constituents vote there and at the high school.

Avon Fire Chief Michael Trick said that using the fire department headquarters as a polling place will give the department some exposure and possibly increase its membership.

"I was all for it," Trick said late afternoon on Thursday.

He said that the site is more accessible for voters than Town Hall. Election Day will not affect fire operations because the lower lot near the garage is already off limits to parking.

"I feel the traffic flow is easier out of the facility," Trick said.

While redistricting won't take effect until Jan. 1, 2013, Clark said it will be implemented for the Aug. 14 primaries. The polling locations will remain as are for the April 24 Republican presidential primary.

That way, voters can get used to it before the Nov. 6, 2012 election, she said.

"It's going to allieviate this place, especially on presidential elections when it gets busy here," Clark said at the Town Council meeting.

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