Avon Town Council Considers 3.7 Percent Combined Spending Increase in 2013-14

The council did not vote on the town manager's proposed $28.99 million town budget at its workshop Wednesday and will do so at its next meeting in March.

The Avon Town Council is considering a 2013-14 budget proposal that would yield little change to the town manager's recommended $20.85 million operating budget and shave $110,000 off items in his capital improvement.

The council members did not vote on a budget number at the lengthy budget workshop Wednesday, but they will do so at the next regular meeting in March, according to Town Council Chairman Mark Zacchio. However, they did ask Avon Town Manager Brandon Robertson to revise his $28.99 million total proposal – including the operating, debt services, capital improvement and sewers budgets – to bring the combined spending increase down from 3.93 percent to about 3.7 percent, Zacchio said.

The total Avon budget proposal, including a $52.83 million request from the Avon Board of Education, is  $81.82 million in gross as it stands. Robertson and Finance Director Peggy Colligan will update the town side of the request to reflect the changes the council asked for to arrive at a revised budget proposal for the council to review.

The only change the council asked for in the proposed operating budget was to increase the proposed operating budget slightly include a recommended 2.25 percent raise in Robertson's salary, Zacchio said.

No capital improvement requests in Robertson's initial recommendation were asked to be eliminated, however the council asked the town manager to make $110,000 in reductions for various projects included "while still funding them."

That was done in order to make room for some requests the Board of Education originally made, such as full funding for buses, as well as seed money for weatherstripping and gym lights at district schools. The council asked that those be incorporated in the budget proposal.

About $50,000 may be added to anticipated revenue in the 2013-14 budget recommendation because Robertson "felt comfortable that the revenue picture is looking a little more clear," Zacchio wrote to Patch.

The next Town Council meeting is scheduled for March 7 at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

What is most important to you in the 2013-14 budget? What items do you think should absolutely be included? What would you support in a proposed budget? Tell us in the comments!

John Q. Public March 27, 2013 at 05:11 PM
I guess the sky is the limit. Average household income is DOWN, but good old Avon keeps spending more. RINO's on the Town Council, aided by the Dems and overwhelmingly supported by people who live in town for 5 years and then move on are very good at justifying the unjustifiable.
Adam March 27, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Since it's not their money and they win elections if they spend other people's money on projects that benefit a majority of voters, it's totally rational. Stupid but rational.


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