Avon Voters React to Local Republican and National Democratic Election Victories

Did the results make you wake up frustrated or happy? Tell us your reaction to the Election 2012 results.

While Avon leaned Republican in the way residents voted in the presidential, U.S. Senate and Fifth Congressional District races, it was a night of wins for national party Democrats.

However locally, a majority of Avon voters supported incumbents Kevin Witkos (state Senate, Eighth District) and Tim LeGeyt (state House of Representatives, 17th Assembly District), both from Canton, and they both won the election.

"I’m proud of Avon voters overwhelming supporting our Republican candidates in light of the poor judgment elsewhere in the State and the Nation," Avon Republican Town Committee Chairman Brian Ladouceur Jr. wrote in an email to Avon Patch.

Avon second district voters favored state Rep. Brian Becker in the 19th Assembly District race against Farmington resident Jon Landry by an 117-vote margin. Becker was re-elected.

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Avon voted 5,537 for the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Republican ticket and 4,818 for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden Democratic ticket, but Obama has been re-elected.

In 2008, Avon voted in favor Obama over opponent John McCain –5,698 votes to 4,868, respectively.

"I believe in part Obama’s 'you didn’t build that' vitriolic attack on small business failed to resonate with Avon voters, many of whom are small business owners, have reaped the benefits of their family’s business, or can appreciate the daily personal and family sacrifices those men and women entrepreneurs make to support their families," Ladouceur said. "The destructive nature of Obamacare was also not lost on our town voters, many of whom work within the medical / insurance industries."

Avon Democratic Town Committee Chairman Daryl Worobow wasn't surprised that Obama was re-elected.

"I felt confident the President and VP would win. I thought that Ohio could only be in Obama's corner," Worobow wrote in an email to Patch. "I do think that shifting demographics would only support the Democrats. Also, Republicans shot themselves in the foot with their stand on social issues."

U.S. Senate

Avon supported Republican Linda McMahon over former attorney general Richard Blumenthal for U.S Senate in 2010 (5,545 votes to 3,725, respectively), as well as Democrat Chris Murphy over Republican Sam Caligiuri (4,164 to 4,092 votes, respectively) for Fifth Congressional District the same year.

So, the question remained who Avon would support more when McMahon and Murphy were pitted against each other in the 2012 race for U.S. Senate?

Once again, Avon heired in favor of McMahon (5,354 vote in comparison to 4,757 for Murphy). However, Murphy was elected Tuesday to join Blumenthal as a Senator representing Connecticut in Washington D.C.

"Chris Murphy looked strong in recent polls and focused on issues in recent weeks," Worobow said. "I do wish he had a stronger start though. Unfortunately, Linda McMahon wasted her monies in the last two elections, which only hurt her."

U.S. House of Representatives, Fifth District

The Fifth Congressional District race for Murphy's vacant seat was closely watched on both a local and national level.

A majority of Avon residents voted in favor of moderate Republican Andrew Roraback, of Goshen, (5,556).

"Andrew Roraback’s reversal of the democrats’ 2010 & 2008 5th Congressional District’s wins among Avon voters and Linda McMahon’s increased share of winning votes in Avon versus 2010 demonstrates Avon voters correctly recognize our Nation is in trouble and someone needed to mitigate the wasteful spending and destructive policies in Washington," Ladouceur wrote to Patch.

Esty got 4,461 votes in town, less than her opponent, but won the overall election.

"Elizabeth Esty was my greatest concern," Worobow wrote to Patch. "I expected a very close race, but she did very well in our 5th District cities. With her great intellect and spirit, I know she will be terrific!"

Esty said at a campaign forum in Avon late October that it became the "fourth-most expensive Congressional race in the country." It's also the first time in 30 years an incumbent hasn't run in the 5th District – one of two New England Congressional seats without a candidate running for re-election, she said at the forum. She called it "one of 15 open toss-up Congressional seats in the country" that was "one of the handful of seats that may determine which party controls the House of Representatives."

polling places on Election Day to garner last-minute support as people walked in to vote.

Eighth State Senate District

Canton resident Kevin Witkos' popularity remains constant in Avon. In 2008, he defeated Democrat Arthur House (5,900 to 3,347, respectively) and in 2010 he was the sound victor against Democrat Donald O'Brien (5,553 to 2,658, respectively).

On Tuesday, . His opponent Democrat Daniel Seger, of Canton, got 3,691 votes in Avon.

Worobow said that despite Seger's loss, "Dan ran a good hard campaign."

"I'm disappointed he couldn't catch Witkos," Worobow said.

17th Assembly District (Avon-Canton)

Republican Tim LeGeyt, of Canton, was re-elected Tuesday night, earning 4,942 votes in Avon, 309 more than his opponent Avon Democrat David Peña.

"It comes to me as a suprise," Peña said of the results after conceding on Tuesday.

He said that Avon didn't have the voter turnout it did in the 2008 presidential election. However, he was pleased that neither candidate ran a negative campaign.

"The results are indicative of people voting strict party," Peña said. 

Worobow also said he felt disappointment at the outcome in the 17th District.

"I think the Democratic committee members thought he would win here in Avon," Worobow said. "He plays a meaningful role in the town.

When Avon resident Brett Eisenlohr, former Board of Finance member and Avon police officer, ran against LeGeyt in 2008, he earned 4,289 votes to LeGeyt's 3,881. However, LeGeyt won the election. However, in 2010, LeGeyt had the majority vote in Avon (3,983 to Democratic opponent Chris Gaffney's 2,731). 

"The steady improvement of Kevin Witkos and Tim LeGeyt’s share of Avon’s votes (even against an Avon council member) shows Avon voters realize one party super majority rule in our legislature is driving a once prosperous State into further decline, Ladouceur said.

19th Assembly District (Avon-Farmington-West Hartford)

Becker was re-elected as a state representative for the 19th District, representing Avon's second voting district, which has grown by about 1,100 due to redistricting.

According to the Avon Registrar of Voters Office, 1,400 people in town voted for him and 1,283 went for Landry.

"A lot of it had to do with increases in Democratic registration in his district and he did campaign well in the district," Worobow said.

He added that he was "surprised at Landry's results" given that he didn't campaign.

"The redistricting of the 19th Assembly seat appears to make it more Republican in Avon, but I also feel John Landry’s strong showing over an campaigning incumbent is testament to the same sentiments above with respect to Kevin and Tim’s increasing victories," Ladouceur wrote to Patch.

Did the results surprise you or were they on the mark? What were you happy with and what are you disappointed with in the outcomes? Tell us in the comments!

Editor's Note: The 2008 and 2010 results reported are based on Secretary of State's Office records. The Election 2012 results come from the Avon Registrar of Voters Office.

Candace Pool November 08, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Unfortunately, Democrats win in most places in Connecticut where you have a a majority of people who do not ask what they can do for their government, but what their government can do for them!!!!!


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