Connecticut Conference of Municipalities to State: Don't Cut Aid to Towns

The main lobbying group for cities and towns tells the governor and legislature that municipalities must not have their state aid cut.

Any cuts in state aid to cities or towns will result in higher local property taxes, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities is warning.

CCM, the main lobbying group for towns and cities in Connecticut, is urging Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the General Assembly to "protect the revitalized State-Local Partnership that has developed over the last two years" in the state's current fiscal crisis and not slash state aid to towns and cities.

"Despite the fiscal challenges facing the state, let’s not turn back the clock by balancing the state budget on the backs of municipalities and local property taxpayers. At a minimum, maintain — at current levels — revenue sharing and funding to municipalities during the next biennium. Healthy towns and cities are the foundation of a more prosperous and competitive Connecticut," the group said in a statement released Monday.

The state is facing a $1.2 billion budget deficit as of the start of the next fiscal year on July 1, even though Malloy and the budget reached a budget-cutting deal in December that cut nearly $500 million from current spending. That budget reduction largely left local aid intact.

But with the new legislative session starting Wednesday and the need for more cuts rising, local communities are growing wary that the state will reduce aid to them.

A former mayor, Malloy has cultivated a friendly, more open relationship with Connecticut's smaller towns since taking office two years ago. The state's fiscal problems, however, now threaten those ties.

At a time when Malloy is under pressure to find ways to reduce the state budget, CCM wants to remind the governor of his promises to local communities.

"The state has made considerable efforts over the past two years to help municipalities stay afloat during the most challenging fiscal time since the Great Depression," CCM said. "Connecticut residents and businesses would be hurt badly if such investments were withdrawn."

Paul Bahre January 09, 2013 at 12:35 PM
Malloy hates CT towns. He is all about larger cities. He is from Stamford and without the voting fraud in Bridgeport he would never have been elected governor. The towns of CT did not vote for him and probably never will. It's his way and the legislatures way of getting at Republican controlled towns is to cut off our funding. Just another way the Democrats can hurt us, something they so love doing. First they go off and spend like a drunken sailor who has not been to port in over a year and a half and now they get their chance to make those of us who don't support them to really hurt.
Robert Kalechman January 09, 2013 at 05:32 PM
Simsbury voted for a democratic Representative so now the you and the voters are saying Please no new taxes at the time the Town of Simsbury had two years of Governor Malloy and the highest State Taxes and Fees in the history of Connecticut plus the fact that Simsbury voted to keep the democratic Representative Linda Schofield in the State house in Hartford for three terms and each year the tax and spenders had trouble with the State Budget,used up the Rain Day Fund and all state surplus funds after the election the truth was told about the States Budget Deficits 42 Billion dollars Their were three plans The republican,The democratic Plan, and the Robert Kalechman Plan.at the Elections debate the democratic candidate mislead the citizen and said he would follow Linda Schofield who did a great job in Hartford which was not the truth The voters elected the native democrat telling Governor Malloy they support tax and spend now they attack the Governor for what they voted for starting today the State will pay the highest taxes in the Nation and state fees will increase we will have more State laws and Controls and add police and a new school state police in other words a police state this is what you voted for and this is what you will get we now have the highest state debt in the nation a debt burden of $49,000 dollars per taxpayers ,No jobs so you get what you voted for . What can't you understand The democratic Dargan Bill that turns neighbor against neighbor


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