Democrats Sweep West Hartford Races

Beth Bye and Andrew Fleischmann re-elected in unopposed races. Verrengia beats Thompson. Becker declares victory after Landry concedes.

[UPDATED] 9:45 p.m.

West Hartford Democrats made victory speeches one after the other at the Butterfly Restaurant as results continued to show sweeping victory in West Hartford.

Beth Bye, Andrew Fleischmann, and Joe Verrengia have been declared victors.

Brian Becker, who was awaiting results from Avon and Farmington as well as a tally of absentee ballots before being assured of returning as an incumbent to the 18th House district, made his acceptance speech after receiving a phone call from Republican placeholder Jon Landry, who conceded.

The MDC referendum for the Clean Water Act was also declared "passed" by the Democrats.


With unofficial results posted on a screen in the front of a private room at the Butterfly Restaurant, West Hartford Democrats applauded resounding victory in all local races.

Voter turnout in West Hartford was high, with long lines at polls topping the day's local headlines.

Victory was never a question for Beth Bye, running unopposed for State Senate, and Andrew Fleischmann, running unopposed for 18th House district.

In the 19th House district, Democrat Brian Becker received 5,048 votes to Republican Jon Landry's 3,288. Farmington and Avon votes need to be included, but Becker appears to be headed for a return to the House.

Democrats on the state and national level were also handed high vote totals according to unofficial numbers in West Hartford. President Barack Obama (18,774) received almost twice as many votes as Republican candidate Mitt Romney (9,398), and Senate Democratic candidate Chris Murphy (17,739) handily beat Republican Linda McMahon (9,334).

In the First Congressional district, West Hartford's Republican challenger John Decker received 7,486 votes to incumbent Democratic Rep. John Larson's 18,856.

Results for the 20th State House district and the Registrar of Voters are still incomplete.

The MDC referendum on the financing of the Clean Water Program appears to have been approved in West Hartford. With six of the nine districts reporting, about three-quarters of residents voted "Yes." According to an MDC representative, overall results from a total of one-third of the districts in the eight MDC member towns indicate a victory by approximately the same margin.

Edward Pease November 07, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Three quarters of West Hartford residents voted for higher water bills? MDC charges West Hartford customers bases on the taxes they pay not by the amount of water they use. 2nd round of bonding for MDC and annual taxes increases from the town government = the poor house for West Hartford Residents. Do the math!


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