Hey Glastonbury, Last Chance to Get Free Light Bulbs!

The town is participating in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge, but the freebies end June 30.


Want to save up to $300 a year on your electric bill? Want free light bulbs as well?

As part of Glastonbury’s participation in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge members of the program’s Clean Energy Corps will replace up to 25 incandescent bulbs with new compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) in your home.

The nonprofit program is part of the Connecticut Clean Energy Challenge, aimed at reducing electric usage and limiting the use of less efficient incandescent bulbs in homes.

You can sign up today if you have at least 15 incandescent bulbs in your home that need to be replaced.

If you think you qualify for free light bulbs call (860)372-4406 or visit http://ctenergychallenge.com/lighting.  But you better hurry. The program ends at the end of this month.

Glastonbury, which has its own Green Initiative, was one of just 14 towns in the state selected to take part in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge. Others included East Hampton, East Haddam, Portland, Mansfield and Cheshire.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge seeks to get homeowners in the 14 participating towns to reduce their energy consumption by at least 20 percent by 2013.

The program is administered by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund in partnership with the Clean Water Fund, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, EarthMarkets, EMpower Devices, MIT, Mobile Genius, SmartPower, SnuggHome and the Student Conservation Association.

Towns that participate in the Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge earn points for the amount of energy saved, which can be redeemed for community rewards. The Challenge is projected to create more than $150 million in lifetime energy cost savings, money that will find its way back into local communities.

Glastonbury’s Green Initiative is a town wide effort across numerous agencies that seeks a comprehensive approach to ways the town can conserve energy and reduce waste.


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