[Update, Wednesday, 1:17 p.m.] Avon Politicians React to Murphy, McMahon and Esty, Roraback Victories

The results are in for how Avon Republicans and Democrats voted in Tuesday's 5th District and U.S. Senate primaries.

Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy's were Avon's respective Republican and Democratic majority picks for U.S. Senate in Tuesday's primaries.

“One thing about Chris Murpy is he does cross the aisle," Avon Democratic Town Committee Chairman Daryl Worobow said, noting that this will be crucial in Washington D.C.

Lisa Wilson Foley won Avon on the Republican side for the 5th District while the majority of Democrats voted for Elizabeth Esty. However, for the Republicans, it was Andrew Roraback who got the 5th District nod.

McMahon and Murphy will face off in November for the right to succeed Joe Lieberman in the U.S. Senate.

With 77 percent of the precincts reporting at 10 p.m., McMahon was soundly defeating former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays with 76 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, Murphy cruised by Bysiewicz, the Middletown native and former secretary of the state, by a comfortable 66 percent to 34 percent margin.

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In the 5th Congressional District, Esty emerged on the Democratic side with a convincing 43 percent to 34 percent margin (as of 10 p.m.) over the embattled Chris Donovan, once considered the strong frontrunner before a campaign-finance scandal involving several members of his staff, and dark-horse Dan Roberti (23 percent).

"I think Elizabeth would make outstanding U.S. congressional candidate and congresswoman,” Worobow said.

Republicans in the 5th District went down to the wire, with favorite Roraback pulling it out with 34 percent of the vote, followed by Mark Greenberg (28 percent), Wilson Foley (19 percent) and Justin Bernier (19 percent) as of 10 p.m.

Avon Primary Results for U.S. Senate

SENATE CANDIDATE District 1 Vote Count
District 2 Vote Count District 3 Vote Count Total Vote Count Republicans *Linda McMahon 466 (including 38 absentee)
295 (including 18 absentee ballots) 330 (including 14 absentee) 1,091 Chris Shays 118 (including 16 absentee) 79 (including seven absentee) 120 (including eight absentee and one hand-counted overseas) 317 Democrats *Chris Murphy 371 (including 36 absentee and one overseas ballot) 270 (including 30 absentee) 209 (including eight absentee) 850 Susan Bysiewicz 55 (including three absentee) 39 (including one absentee) 50 (including three absentee and one hand-counted) 144

*Denotes the winner for the town of Avon primary.

Avon Primary Results for 5th District

5TH DISTRICT CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE District 1 Vote Count District 2 Vote Count District 3 Vote Count Total Vote Count Republicans *Lisa Wilson Foley 202 (including 18 absentee) 134 (including 11 absentee) 168 (including 10 absentee ballots and one hand-counted) 504 Andrew Roraback 116 (including 12 absentee) 78 (including seven absentee) 97 (including four absentee) 291 Mark Greenberg 132 (including 12 absentee) 99 (including three absentee) 98 (including two absentee) 329 Justin Bernier 136 (including 12 absentee) 63 (including four absentee) 85 (including six absentee) 284 Democrats *Elizabeth Esty 281 (including 29 absentee) 187 (including 15 absentee) 157 (including seven absentee and one hand-counted) 625 Chris Donovan 90 (including 7 absentee and one overseas ballot) 90 (including 16 absentee) 66 (including three absentee) 246 Dan Roberti 51 (including three absentee) 28 29 (including one absentee) 108

*Denotes winner for the town of Avon primary.

Out of 7,213 Republicans and Democrats eligible to vote in the primaries, 2,450 voted, or about 34 percent.

Voter Turnout By Voting District

District Polling Place


Total Republicans who Voted


Total Democrats who Voted

Total Amount of People who Voted

Percentage of Republicans who Voted
Percentage of Democrats who Voted  Percentage of People who Voted Overall
Registered Republicans Registered Democrats Total Registered Voters 1 Avon High School 589 429 1,018 1,643 1,408 3,051 2 Avon Volunteer Fire Department, Company 1 376 310 686 980 959 1,939 3 Roaring Brook School 485 261 746 1,274 949 2,223
Total 1,450 1,000 2,450 37.2 percent 30.1 percent 34 percent 3,897 3,316 7,213

Please note that these are the results for Avon only. Check back with Avon Patch for the statewide results this evening.

Robert Ryan August 15, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Linda McMahon as job creator and labor negotiator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdhs-OOn-nM&feature=related If anyone thinks she lacks ability, they need to watch this video.


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