Obama-Romney: Who Won the Oct. 16 Presidential Debate?

President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney squared off in their second debate. Patch users in Connecticut offered their thoughts on the debate.

CBS called it “the most rancorous debate ever,” as President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney stood toe-to-toe Tuesday night describing the other as a liar.

The format was in a “town hall” style at Hofstra University, and the presidential hopefuls directly confronted each other, often after ignoring the question asked by an audience member.

Patch readers in Connecticut participated in a live blog during the debate, sharing their own impressions of the candidates and voicing their own opinions of the issues. Many people who posted to the blog already had their minds made up on for whom they will vote in November, but others weren’t so certain at the start. Here are some of the reactions:


Obama coming out swinging.


How can anyone actually watch this and think a straight answer is in the near future?


All Mitt needs to do now is stomp his foot LOL (like a 3 year old).

Paul Alexander:

This election is not about Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan. This election is about US. What kind of people are the majority in this country? What kind of people have the majority become? What kind of people do the majority wish to be in the future?


Obama is so much better than Mitt, Mitt just can't loose the smirk.


You know it seems you all are looking for the best actor here. How about vote on substance and not fluff. Obama has crushed the US the past four years and time for him to leave.

Jimmy Pursey:

This election is a done deal. The Republican Party never had any intention of winning it, hence the comically inept candidates.

This election cycle was about "positioning"...for 2016. Nothing more...nothing less. America is fine. America is strong. Americans have persevered through ACTUAL hardship. How dare you cheapen our nation's struggles. You should be ashamed of yourself.


I'm beginning to think Obama took a dive in the first debate so he could deliver the knockout punch in this one.


If there was a problem, I would much prefer Obama at the helm

Will Wilkin:

As for this election: VOTE SCHMOTE. The 2 parties have only the tiniest differences, both are toxic to the nation, not only shipping our economy overseas but also bankrupting us on permanent multiple undeclared aggressive illegal unconstitutional wars, tearing up the Bill of Rights and Constitution to continue the attempted global military domination on borrowed money.


The Town Hall format is very different from the panel format. This interactive audience style will be harder for President Obama to attack Romney's talking points.

Klair Waters:

When the President speaks about "Green jobs" he is saying there will be more pay offs to his pals.


Romney is clearly a better orator and his responses are much better organized and conveyed.


Romney making up his facts up as he goes along and because all the facts he doesn’t put on the table. He wants to win [but] doesn’t want intelligent conversation.


If I was undecided before I no longer am. Give Obama another 4.

Who do you think won Round 2 of the presidential debates? Tell us in the comment section.

vince t. zella October 18, 2012 at 01:19 AM
i respectfully disagree. right now this country needs to be operated like a business, not a hospital. obama needs to defend his record with specifics, like why our economy is worse than it was when he took office. he can't escape this issue. romney may not be specific about the future, but obama's performance needs to be evaluated and i rate his performance a D. his agenda is to implement universal health care. that's it. he got it passed only because there was a democratic majority in congress. OUR GOVERNMENT IS BANKRUPT and we all know everything the government takes over becomes a morass of red tape, increased costs, and inefficiency. and he wants to make government even bigger by taking over healthcare. he should be planning, like paul ryan is, to save social security which is on life support. but no, he's more interested in framing his legacy as the president who implemented universal healthcare. gender equity (which is important yes), abortion, and planned parenthood funding should be the least of this administration's worries. our economy is in the tank, china has become the world's superpower, and our dollar is ready for a collapse. but he focuses on acess to contraception??
Brian Nelson October 18, 2012 at 08:42 PM
I lived through Vietnam (one word) and my attitude is simply this: If you are going to make a statement and want it to count for something, make sure the grammar and spelling is accurate. Otherwise, no one will take it seriously. Even your reply was rife with spelling and grammar errors. That is what spell check is for if needed.
Trenton Spears October 19, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Sknuth. Yes it does take a while to accomplish certain things. The Democrats were so anxious to get out of Iraq that now Iraq is falling apart and Afghanistan will follow soon as we leave next year. I can hear Obama now " mission accomplished" Al Qaida and the Taliban can return to their evil mandate of distroying the freedom of those nations " mission not accomplished ". Those countries can take care of themselves says Obama. Tell that to Libya when Obama allowed our Air force to distroy any chance for Libyia to settle its differences themselves. I wonder if our Embassy in Banghazi would have been a death trap for the four brave men that were left alone to fend for themselves if Obama had stayed out of a civil war in Libya. It seems to be a pattern here, first with Iraq and then Afghanistan now our Embassy in Banghazi. Hillary Clinton made a statement today that she sent memos out to the Embassies in Arab nations to make sure that more security would be added because of the upcoming Anniversary of 9/11/2011 attack. It sounds like she did her job I wish someone would man up and take responsibility for not following through with her memos. It is troubling to me that Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State would not send a memo or discuss the upcoming problem with the President . Another troubling thought is why did Hillary take the position that this action was because of a video that was on You Tube way back in June if she warned of the lack of security prior to the murders.
Robert Kalechman October 20, 2012 at 11:09 PM
their are no winners in these debates in the long run the American people are the losers and lets not forget the families of the four Americans killed in Bengazi Libya they lost everything and still have not been told the truth with the United State Navy,s sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea a half hour away from any point on land and four men of ours are murder by thugs from the street come on Washington D.C. you need better answers then that the state department never ordered or call out the Marines aboard Sixth Fleets Ships .
Akor October 21, 2012 at 06:25 PM
America seats by the ring and applaud the candidate that entertains them the most. Why do anyone need a debate to tell a better candidate? Is it talk that will shape the future or is it work? The 2 candidates are winners bc they have a bunch of spectators they can sway wit arguments! The U.S is the loser! America is ruined!


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