Oct. 29 Snowstorm Yielded Nearly 180,000 Cubic Yards of Debris

The piles will be removed by mid-January or February.

Soon it will be time to dispose of those Christmas trees, but another priority Avon has is the final branch of the disposal of just under 180,000 cubic yards of tree debris related to the Oct. 29 snowstorm.

"It's been reduced down to its final form," Town Manager Brandon Robertson said at the Board of Finance meeting Dec. 19.

That is well over the initial 100,000 projected, bringing the cost up to $2.56 million, Robertson said prior to possible 75 percent Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursement.

Michael's Tree and Loader Service will come back to the M.H. Rhodes property on Thompson Road in mid January to transport the woodchips to Dunning Sand & Gravel in Farmington. Dunning is charging a renegotiated $20,000 flat fee.

Robertson and Board of Finance member Margaret Bratton (R) noted the steam rising from the piles, which Robertson explained is because of the large amount of pressure at the center of the piles because of their enormity.

"The pile will disappear, January, February and the next stage of this process is to file all the paperwork," Robertson said. "We still don't have a FEMA manager assigned specifically to the project yet. That's going to happen soon."

The debris removal process took about six weeks.


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