Public Hearing Valentine's Day for Avon Village Center

Before the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, tell us your input about the village center conceptual plans.

What do you think about the Avon Village Center proposal?

Avon residents will have the opportunity to weigh in during the last project public hearing session at Tuesday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Planning staff said that the commission members may vote on the master plan for the village center and Avon Village Center zone change request. If not, commissioners will do so at the next meeting on March 6.

Once approved, Ensign-Bickford, which owns 96.5 acres of available Avon Park North land planned as the site, will seek out one to eight developers to build the center on 1.2 million square feet of the property. The plans reflect eight developed sections and a ninth district for a 14.49-acre park. The park would be centered around a large oak tree off Ensign Drive, near Nod Brook.

In addition to restaurants, retail stores and offices, the proposal also includes about 500 apartments and condominiums, small retail stores, restaurants and offices. It also involves building two new roads – Main Street and Bickford Drive.

The developers will be responsible for submitting site plan and special permit applications to the commission before building, Town Planner Steven Kushner previously said.

If you had your way, what businesses would you like to see go into the proposed village center? What would you want a new Avon village center to be like?

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