Roaring Brook Rooftop Heating Units Repaired

Some of the money originally earmarked for replacing the high school boiler is re-appropriated for the project.

After engineering firm Walter McIlveen & Associates initially advised the town last year to replace the Avon High School boiler, further analysis showed that was not necessary.

"It's really not an issue," Avon Town Manager Brandon Robertson said, noting minor modifications were recommended instead.

Some of the $362,500 budgeted in the current fiscal year for the high school boiler will be used to cover the cost to replace rooftop heating units at Roaring Brook School, as requested by the Board of Education and recommended by the Town Council Jan. 5 for Board of Finance consideration. Robertson said the project, which entailed replacing four of seven units that had holes and the other three, cost about $80,000. Replacing the units was the most "cost-effective solution," he told the council.

The repairs were done at Roaring Brook School in October, Robertson said, after Fire Marshal James DiPace, the town insurance carrier, an HVAC consultant and town staff reviewed the conditions. The units were deemed unusable because of concerns of possible carbon monoxide infiltration, Robertson reported to the council Jan. 5.

The remaining balance of the $362,500, which in total was meant to pay for the high school boiler replacement over two years, will stay as appropriated for now, Robertson said.

Walter McIlveen & Associates initially advised the town and school district that the boiler was under-sized, causing thermal shock, Robertson said. That led to many last winter into this year, across the boards, to discuss the issue and possible litigation. 

The for the current fiscal year.


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