Ten Highest Paid School District Employees

The following public information was provided by the Avon Public Schools business office.

Avon Superintendent of Schools Gary Mala was the highest paid school district employee in 2011, according to district payroll records.

Principal Jason Beaudin made the second most last year and former finance director Gary Franzi was paid the third highest.

The school district finance office provided Avon Patch with a list of the 10 highest paid public school employees between Jan. 1 and Dec 31, 2011. The information in the table provided is public record.

The numbers include some variables beyond salary alone. For instance, Mala came on board at in March 2011, so his salary is pro-rated. His pay also included travel allowance and annuity. All of the pay amounts listed in the table provided include annuity.

Albert Dadario Jr., a special education teacher at Avon High School, is also a track coach, a chaperone and a Valley Alternative Academy teacher after school, so additional pay is included in his total.

Ten Highest Paid School District Employess

Name Job Title Amount Paid in 2011 Notes 1. Gary Mala Superintendent $165,675 Includes $153,621 pro-rated salary, $8,721 in annuity and $3,333 in travel allowance 2. Jason Beaudin Avon High School Principal $144,017 Includes $140,496 salary and $3,521 in annuity 3. Gary Franzi Former Avon Public Schools Finance Director $140,174 Includes $137,886 salary and $2,289 in annuity 4. Marco Famiglietti Principal $138,629 Includes $135,108 salary and $3,521 in annuity 5. William Hickey Director of Pupil Services $135,883 Includes $132,362 and $3,521 in annuity 6. Crisanne Colgan Principal $136,737 Includes $133,216 salary and $3,521 in annuity 7. Gail Dahling-Hench Principal $134,737 Includes $131,216 and $3,521 in annuity 8. Anne Watson Principal $134,737 Includes $131,216 salary and $3,521 in annuity 9. Robert Vojtek Avon High School Assistant Principal $124,727 Includes $122,831 and $1,896 in annuity 10. Albert Dadario Jr. Avon High School Special Education Teacher $123,227 Includes $90,370 salary, $100 for being a chaperone for school events, $18,725 for teaching after school as part of the Valley Alternative Academy and $14,031 for coaching cross country and track

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