Top Ten Highest Paid Avon Town Employees in 2011

The following information was provided by the Avon Human Resources Office and is public record.

Based on town records, Avon Town Manager Brandon Robertson was the highest paid town employee in 2011, followed by Police Officer Jeffrey Gilbert and Police Sergeant Kevin Fleming.

The 10 highest paid town employees between January 2011 and December 2011 are listed in the table provided below, based on town records that Avon Human Resources Director William Vernile provided to Patch.

The numbers include some variables beyond straight salaries. Employees can receive payments for opting out of the town's health insurance benefits and receive additional payment for mileage driven when using a personal vehicle on town business.

Town Manager Brandon Robertson and Town Planner Steven Kushner both opted out of the town's medical plan and received auto allotments.

Town Assessor Harry DerAsadourian retired on July 1, 2011 and was paid a full-time salary from Jan 1, 2011 until then. He works part-time now, so that is included in his salary listed below, as well as his severance pay.

The police payments listed include regular salaries and overtime, as well as private duty work. If an officer is on traffic detail for road construction, for instance, the vendor doing the project will reimburse the town for the hours of the officer, Vernile previously said.

These factors make some of the numbers listed higher than actual salaries.

Highest Paid Avon Employees

Name Job Title Amount Paid in 2011 Notes Brandon Robertson Town Manager $150,999.76 
Includes health insurance opt-out, auto allotment and additional 5 percent received "toward contribution to Deferred Compensation Plan," according to Vernile.  
Jeffrey Gilbert Police Officer $138,940.28 

Kevin Fleming Police Sergeant $136,396.35 

Mark Rinaldo Police Chief $129,346.82 
Includes auto allotment payment Harry DerAsadourian Assessor $127,299.48 
Includes auto allotment payment David Gannon Police Sergeant $126,616.63   
Steven Kushner Town Planner $126,427.26 
Includes health insurance opt-out and auto allotment Lisa Petkis Police Officer $123,373.70 
Includes auto allotment payment Bruce Williams Public Works Director $114,006.38 
Includes auto allotment payment Adam Lazinsk Police Sergeant $113,949.39

Claudine Rose April 02, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Are we supposed to be shocked because these people are making too much or too little money? Given this economy, these salaries are pretty normal! Police officers do a dangerous job and they potentially risk their lives whenever they intervene in a situation. I would like to see the Patch publish the top salaries in Connecticut or in Avon for comparison's sake! What was the point of this?
Ben April 02, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I agree, this kind of information does no good if there is no comparison to other towns in the area. This 'article' looks just like the ATA compensation booklet. Except in that book there is a more detailed chart explaining how each final salary is calculated...with numbers for insurance, mileage, etc. And anyway, I am pretty sure these stats are publicly available online. I think a link would have sufficed.
Jessie Sawyer April 03, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Hey Claudine and Ben, Thank you for the feedback. No, no shock factor implied. This is presented as public information, notating the variables. Those are interesting ideas about comparing salaries to other towns in the area. I'll run it by the other Patch editors and see if it's something they're interested in. Though, keep in mind that every town is different and has different needs, so they won't compare apples to apples. Thank you for reading Avon Patch and always feel free to run coverage ideas or questions by me in the comments or at Jessie.Sawyer@patch.com. Jessie Sawyer Editor, Avon Patch


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