Town Gives Science Students New Home

Team Paragon received the green light to move its robots from the corporate district to Windsor Center.

Displaced from their warehouse facility and practice area off of Blue Hills Rd. Ext., Windsor's Team Paragon — a large group of local students engaged in competitive robotics — found a home Monday night when the town council approved temporary use of a Mechanic Street property.

Owned by the town, the Mechanic Street property falls within a zone for which the town has sought a developer to construct a project worthy of Windsor's efforts to revitalize Windsor Center alongside the redevelopment of the rail station.

Team Paragon was granted use of the property through May 2013, with the ability to come before the town council again for an extension should the town fail to make an agreement with a developer who is able to secure funding for a large-scale residential project.

Unlike soccer, football, baseball and other sports associated with Windsor High School, Team Paragon is an unaffiliated non-profit group that .

The team was displaced from its corporate-district location due to a for-profit tennant making use of the building.

Jan Porri November 20, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Should not the light have been green???


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