As Snow Falls, Where Does Avon's Storm Budget Fall?

Over the past few years, Avon has braved the October Snowstorm of 2011 and a blizzard in February of 2013. How do this year's snow removal costs stack up?

Credit: Jessie Sawyer
Credit: Jessie Sawyer
When snow is dumped on Avon, expenditures on winter storm cleanup rise. 

But so far, with weather events ranging from as much as 6.5 inches of snow to wintry mixes and/or black ice, Avon is looking in the black for snow removal and winter road treatment costs.  

Avon has spent about $154,766 to date due to storms this winter, including $82,489 for salt (1,078 tons) and $56,553 for overtime, according to the Avon Department of Public Works.

"Although I can’t predict the weather I am feeling pretty good about finishing out the season within budget," Avon Public Works Director Bruce Williams wrote in an email to Patch.

The storm expenses for 2013-14 are attached as a PDF.


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