Five-Bedroom Modern Colonial on Stockbridge Drive Sells for $1.36M

Avon property transfer records are public record and accessible in the Town Clerk's Office.

$850,000, 4 Garnet Hill Ln. Brendan and Cynthia L. Malley to William H.  and Jacquelyn M. Broomall, sold Sept. 26.

$560,000, 38 Lofgren Rd. Hilary M. and John S. Dording to Vimal Muralidharan and Sudha Sridharan, sold Sept. 25.

$225,000, 22 Andrea Ln. Deborah A. Heston to Walter and Gloria Adams, sold Sept. 13 and recorded in the Town Clerk's Office on Sept. 26.

$417,000, 50 Buttonwood Hill Rd. Mary Carol Harrison to Nosheena Ejaz, sold Sept. 27.

$1,357,000, 9 Stockbridge Dr. Will Cole & Associates, LLC to Douglas J. and Amy M. Kruse, sold Sept. 27.

$265,000, 8 Spyglass Dr. Mary A. Gorman to Kimberly K. Mission, sold Oct. 1.

$215,000, 19 Meadowbrook Ln. Bette A. and Kyra L. Landis to John A. and Marivic N. Ostheimer, sold Sept. 28.

$324,000, 1 Centerbrook Ct. Richard W. and Janice F. Kisiel to Keith A. and Sherry S. Ontko, sold Sept. 27.

$815,000, 43 Wild Wood Dr. Michael O. and Jill Van Dusen to Brendan Malley and Brooke Wallock, sold Sept. 28.

$39,263.78, 1 Haddam Dr. Barbara Jacobs to Carmel R. Sullivan, sold Sept. 28.

$169,736.22, 1 Haddam Dr. Barbara Jacobs to Carmel R. Sullivan, trustee, sold Sept. 28.


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