Modern Colonial Home on Terry's Ridge Sells for $975,173

Avon property transfer records are public record and accessible in the Town Clerk's Office. These are the houses that sold from Jan. 21 to 25, 2013.

$502,300, 22 Buckingham Rd. Frank E. Miller Jr. and Lynne M. Miller to Brookfield Relocation, Inc., A Colorado Corporation, of Scottsdale, Arizona, sold Nov. 23 and recorded in the Avon Town Clerk's Office on Jan. 22.

$150,000, 4 Canterbury Ln. Laurine H. Webb to Judith Krupa, of Torrington, sold Jan. 22.

$615,000, 12 Porter Place. Financial Corporation to Jonathan J. Shield, sold Jan. 23.

$975,173, 14 Terry's Ridge. Toll CT Limited Partnership to Daniel and Hillary Hernandez-Trujillo, sold Jan. 25.

$700,000, 35 Tower Ln. Sarjac Partners, LLC to Icarus Real Estate Management, LLC, of Bethlehem, sold Jan. 25.

$385,000, 2 Boxwood Circle. Matthew P. Dulan to Paul E. Gauthier, sold Jan. 25.


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