Four-Bedroom Colonial Home on Indian Pipe Trail Sells for $430,000

Avon property transfer records are public record and accessible in the Town Clerk's Office. These are the houses that sold on Jan. 16 and 17.

$425,000, 146 Hollister Dr. Troy J. Florian to Christopher S. and Elizbeth Holly Rytka Reinhart, sold Jan. 16.

$423,000, 4 Sedgewood Rd. Tamara Zars Gilbert to Karl D. Ravech, sold Jan. 17.

$335,000, 77 Fox Den Rd. Matthew C. and Andrea B. Murphy to Alan M. Seabourne and Meysi Guillen, sold Jan. 17.

$430,000, 22 Indian Pipe Trail. Marco C. and Deborah G. Famiglietti to Michael R. and Kathleen D. Ronzello, sold Jan. 16.


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