Cassano Introduces Talcott Mountain Academy Entrepreneur to State Senate

The 13-year old entrepreneur is the inventor of the "Hiccupop," a lollipop that can cure hiccups.

State Senator Steve Cassano, D-Manchester, introduced 13-year student to the State Senate on the opening day of its legislative session on Wednesday. 

Kievman, who was accompanied by her father, Adam, to the State Capitol on Wednesday, Feb. 8, is an eighth grader at Talcott Mountain Academy in Avon and the inventor of the "Hiccupop," a lollipop which contains three ingredients that overstimulate the nerves that cause hiccups, thereby stopping them. 

Mallory, who was among a group of Startup America entrepreneurs who rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange Jan. 30, has filed for a patent for her product and plans to bring it to market later this year.


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