Welcoming Avon Middle School Students Back to School with Poetry

A poem by English teacher Jan Brennan.

In honor of the first day of school Wednesday, English teacher wrote a poem, which she read to her new seventh grade students. The poem is called "Welcome."

Welcome to our great AMS
Proud of our academic excellence!
What lies in store for this 7th grade year?
Lots of great things, have no fear.
There are some curriculum guarantees
Like reading, writing and vocabulary;
But the fine line details that occur each year
Are largely up to us to make them appear.

If you've heard any rumors about what goes on here
Just remember the good ones are the most sincere.
Yes, it is true
Every Meteor has been published
In a poetry anthology that we now all cherish.
Yes, it is true
We've ranked first in the country
In the Word Master challenge for which we did study.

But the most vital thing I want you to know
As we begin this new year and we start to grow
Is to keep an open mind – be ready for new challenges;
Say "Yes," have passion, be learning sponges.
When you have closed mind, thinking you know it all,
You miss out on chances both large and small.
Imagine if J.K. Rowling had been content
With The Sorceror's Stone – what would that have meant?

We're going to write our own history this year;
I look forward to helping you make that appear.
I promise you a year of color and fun.
And so many memories before the year is done.




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